How to choose the color of the dress - white or ivory?

Arriving at the bridal salon, every bride doubts. And the question is not only in the choice of style and model, the shade of the dress also plays an important role. Often the choice of young ladies falls on ivory, which is opposed to classic snow-white dresses. In order to decide, you need to know what color type this noble shade is suitable for and what it is better to combine with.

When is the best time to choose a white dress?

White outfit of the bride is a classic of any wedding ceremony. For centuries, women wore white clothes at their weddings to indicate their innocence and chastity. However, not many people know that white is not suitable for all girls . A snow-white outfit is best:

  • swarthy brides;
  • fair-haired and black-haired women;
  • blue-eyed or green-eyed ladies;
  • short brides who by all means try to seem taller.

Important! Stylists categorically do not recommend the use of a white outfit for girls with curvaceous and ladies, distinguished by pale aristocratic skin. White color unsuccessfully emphasizes all the flaws of the silhouette.

When is ivory color preferable?

Today, many girls, trying to distinguish themselves with originality in choosing a festive outfit, choose ivory. Translated, this means "ivory." This is a noble, very elegant and unusually deep shade, which effectively emphasizes the gentle beauty of the bride.

Most advantageously they look at:

  • fair-haired and red-haired girls with fair skin;
  • brunettes with dark skin;
  • puffy ladies.

Important! Designers do not recommend using ivory in formal dresses for short girls and future wives with a cold color type.

Benefits of Ivory Dress

Ivory today has become a real trend, more and more brides, in contrast to the standard snow-white, choose a delicate milky color. For centuries, ivory as a material was considered expensive and very durable, it was used to make strong household items that spoke of prosperity.

The main advantage of ivory color is its self-sufficiency . A girl can be sure that choosing an outfit of a similar color will look exquisite, elegant and aristocratic.

The hue has a wide palette of halftones, in accordance with which you need to select an outfit, focusing on your color type . Thanks to the large selection, each girl will be able to choose a dress that will look perfect during the wedding evening, emphasizing the beauty of the image. At the same time, ivory will help to comply with the tradition of white dress, but at the same time diversify your bow, deepen it and give personality.

Ivory Dress Selection Rules

Fashion designers regularly come up with many stylish images of the bride, offering options for the most successful bows for a festive day. However, when choosing, you need to follow a number of classic rules:

  • ivory should be combined with a shade with the groom's shirt (this is an important point, because otherwise the bride’s outfit will seem “dirty” in comparison with the snow-white shirt of her future husband);
  • lingerie, veil, shoes and other accessories are selected for the dress;
  • the dress and bouquet should complement each other effectively (no bright details should be used in the colors);
  • tablecloths, napkins, the color of the arch and other details should match the shade of the bride’s outfit.

All the decoration of the wedding evening, as well as the groom’s suit, outfits of the bridesmaids and other important nuances, are tied to the bride’s dress and its shade . This should be considered when making a wedding celebration.

Does the shade of the dress affect the theme of the event?

Choosing ivory, the girl slightly departs from the canons of a classic wedding ceremony. This leaves a definite imprint on the whole celebration. If, when using strict and cold white, everything should go according to the script, in accordance with tradition, then when choosing the original ivory color, you can slightly deviate from the generally accepted rules.

This will help to make the perfect wedding, different from all the others that guests have visited before. The bride will look very elegant, aristocratic and majestic. The groom should not fade against her background, for this you need to choose the right suit . The most successful option will be a brown tint. In this outfit, the couple will look harmonious.