How to choose a base bag

Are you satisfied with your base bag? Or do you think that you can do without it? Do not get excited! Let's see how such a handbag can help a woman out, which bag can be called basic.

Women are already accustomed to the “basic” wardrobe, but few people know that it should include not only clothes and shoes, but also a few handbags. Of course, it’s good when there is an opportunity to purchase an individual accessory for everyone. But what if the funds for this are not enough? Here you can not do without a basic model that looks harmonious with many things of your wardrobe.

What is a basic bag

This accessory is one of the main items that forms a complete female image.

How many basic bags are needed

Depending on the purpose, any woman should have at least three bags of different styles:

  • for a business style that involves rigor and restraint, such an item should harmoniously fit into the office outfit, while still possessing a rather roomy interior space;
  • for a free direction, the main features are spaciousness, strength and lightness, because this direction includes walks in the city or in nature, as well as shopping;
  • for celebrations, a minimum size accessory is required that can emphasize femininity - in this situation, you will not need many things, and the image should be sublime, with notes of luxury.

Reference! The main parameters for choosing a bag are color, style, size and decor.

It must be borne in mind that there is no definite solution suitable for all women. Each representative of the weaker sex, depending on the style and personal preferences, should choose their base bags.

Criteria for choosing a base bag

Regardless of the destination, the bag should be chosen, focusing on several characteristics.

Color spectrum

It is advisable to have items in the wardrobe of both light and dark colors. For the base, dark brown or light beige will be most suitable, as they are perfectly combined with any color schemes of the outfit.

Attention! Do not choose white or black colors for the basic thing, as they can attract attention or look too aggressive.


For this criterion, the main condition is conciseness . The base product should have as few fasteners, pockets and other design delights as possible.

Reference! Sophisticated style reduces the possibility of combining an accessory with a large number of images.

The size

The size of the product depends on its application:

  • for a business style, this thing should be of medium size, but roomy enough to carry documents and some personal items (umbrella, wallet, etc.);
  • for shopping it is better to use a capacious bag;
  • for a solemn exit you will need a small handbag in which you can put lipstick, a phone and a package of napkins.


On the basic accessory jewelry should be as small as possible. In a universal product, the presence of applique, embroidery, and other decorations is not welcome, as they give it personality. This is especially true for bags generously decorated with beads or sequins.

Models suitable for base bags

Now let's look at examples of which models can be called a good solution for the formation of a basic wardrobe.

For everyday use

Volumetric shopping bags will do .

The dark brown color, which harmonizes well with many colors, the lack of decor and universal appearance will allow you to combine it with tight jeans and a dress with a romantic cut.

Reference! Another suitable model would be a roomy backpack.

For office

It is better to use medium-sized bags . The most successful is the one whose internal space accommodates an A4 format folder.

If you prefer other forms, then you can choose the model "barrel" .

Or pick up a stylish briefcase .

There are many variations to offer. It all depends on your individual preference and taste. The main criteria: conciseness, discreet color and severity of lines.

For the celebration

The basic product for a festive event is a separate topic, since everyone has their own concept of festivity. But the main points can be highlighted here. For example, a leather clutch would be the most suitable option.

The above model will not only fit in a smart dress, but will also look great with jeans or classic trousers.

For outings, you can use such an interesting little thing as an envelope bag .

Each woman can choose for herself several universal models. The main thing is to be patient and reveal your personal style. Consider things in your wardrobe, identify common features and, guided by them, select the basic accessories.