How to choose a bag for every day

Choosing the perfect bag suitable for any event is quite problematic for many girls. The accessory should be not only practical and versatile, but also advantageously in harmony with many things in the wardrobe. Consider the main features that will help you choose the most suitable thing.

General recommendations for choosing a bag for every day

A bag for every day should be a multifunctional option. With such a product, it should be comfortable both at work and at various events or in a shopping trip. Experts recommend choosing a roomy accessory of medium size. It should easily fit basic items that you might need throughout the day. It can be a notebook, keys, an umbrella, gadgets, personal hygiene items, etc.

Reference! A bag for every day should have many pockets and compartments for storing a variety of things. Well, if it has special compartments for storing gadgets.

The main thing to remember is that you can always decorate a basic handbag and give it a completely different look. As jewelry, trinkets, stripes, fringe, scarves, pompons and other pendants are usually used. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right product design. After all, if desired, any handbag can be additionally decorated.

We choose a bag for every day according to the main parameters

When purchasing a handbag for daily use, it is recommended to pay attention to the color, size and shape of the model. Consider the parameters listed in more detail:

  • The size. It is recommended to buy a capacious bag of medium size. It should be small and not small. Experts have come up with a universal method for determining the basic dimensions. A woman should visually divide her height into four parts. The dimensions of the handbag should be equal to 1⁄4 growth. It is advisable not to give preference to volumetric options, as they do not always look refined and elegant.
  • Color. The easiest way to choose a product in tone clothing. It should not be in white, because in this case, it will not be easy to combine with other things. The accessory should be selected based on the colors that prevail in the wardrobe. For summer, it is better to choose bright or pastel shades, and for winter, darker colors. The color of the bag should not be combined with shoes or a belt. The bag is an independent accessory.
  • Also, pay attention to the fact that in most cases each product is bought for a certain season. So, which looks harmonious in winter, it may look out of place in combination with a spring-summer wardrobe. Also pay attention to the color of metal fittings. If it is the color of gold, then all other jewelry or jewelry should be the same color. Small women are not recommended for small women, and large women are not recommended for large ones.
  • The form. Of all the options presented, structured bags are the most common. They have an undeniable advantage over the others - a solid base. Due to this, the weight of all things is evenly distributed on the surface of the product. The most universal form is a rectangle.

Important! An ideal thing for a basic wardrobe is a bag with a baggy shape. Visually, it looks very voluminous and allows you to carry items such as removable shoes or food containers. It goes well with sportswear.

5 important rules for choosing the right everyday bag

Thus, five simple rules can be distinguished, following which you can understand which bag to choose. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • Respect for proportions. Ladies with a miniature figure, it is advisable to give preference to a small handbag. More lush young ladies can afford medium-sized accessories.
  • The form. Among the variety of accessories, a model that holds its shape well will be more practical.
  • Product color. The most suitable are gray, brown, opal, blue, black, as well as all shades of powder. The right shade will allow you to carry the bag in combination with different types of clothing.
  • Refusal of fakes. Each branded item can be found cheaper replicas. They resemble the original in appearance, but are made of cheap and fragile materials.
  • Durable hardware and lining. Carefully check locks, zippers, handles, and other items. Their repair can be quite expensive. Lining material should be strong and soft. The best fabrics are nylon and nylon.

Attention! When choosing a bag for every day, a decent replacement for black will be all muted colors, from blue to burgundy.

Bag is one of the most basic accessories and an integral part of the image. It is better to have several universal options for all occasions. We hope that this article will be useful when buying a suitable accessory.