How to choose a backpack for the city

A backpack is one of the obligatory attributes of every citizen. It makes it possible to carry a large number of things that you may need during the day. In addition, the design allows you to hold your hands freely and relaxed. And this is especially convenient, because one of the hands is almost constantly occupied by a phone or other gadget.

Features of urban backpacks

Urban type backpack can afford both men and women. In general, the main criterion when buying a product is its convenience, functionality, as well as appearance. You need to know for what purposes it will be used in most cases in order to correctly choose the size and design. Next, we consider in more detail the nuances that should be paid special attention when choosing a backpack.

City backpack functionality

These products must be versatile. When choosing a model, you should carefully study the organization of internal space. Consider the main nuances that should be considered when buying a product:

  • Notebook compartment. It is designed for standard sizes from 14 to 5.6 inches. It is always located on the back, which ensures the best safety of the product and the distribution of weight on the shoulders of a person.
  • The presence of gaskets. This gives extra protection to gadgets while driving. In addition, the compartment can be equipped with a separate zipper or lock, which provides reliable isolation from other objects.
  • Office for phone and a pocket for the tablet.
  • Compartments-organizers for pens and pencils.
  • Side pockets to hold a thermos or water bottle.
  • The presence of comfortable multifunctional straps, the size of which can be changed.

ATTENTION! In the new models of backpacks you can find batteries for recharging gadgets. Thus, a person can be independent of power supply networks for a long time.

Sizes of urban backpacks

The size of the most common options with a volume of about 20-25 liters. The maximum volume reaches 30 liters. This size is enough to fit all the necessary things, such as a laptop, umbrella, warm clothes, food and much more. The accessory should be selected depending on the purpose of its use and the planned transfer of things.

IMPORTANT! In general, backpacks for the city do not differ in large dimensions. They should be comfortable and suitable as carry-on baggage in all vehicles.

Material selection for a city backpack

Products are sewn from both synthetic and natural fabrics. When buying, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. Better if it is waterproof. Carefully check the seams and zippers. When choosing between polyester and nylon, it is better to opt for nylon. Despite the fact that both materials are light and wear-resistant, nylon is a more durable fabric that is very difficult to scratch. The inner lining must also be made of nylon.

Also, models can be made of leather. They certainly remain practical and fashionable at any time of the year. Their only drawback is the high cost and fading of the material after a couple of seasons of constant use.

How to choose a men's backpack for the city

When choosing a product, men give importance to its dimensions. Before buying, many experts advise you to take a sheet of paper and write a list of items that are most often carried with you. Further, these things need to be laid out and approximately estimate the volume that they occupy. With a thoughtful list and you need to go to the store to find the most functional thing.

When choosing a model for color and style, in most cases, men should focus on a combination with ties, shirts and shoes. Strict and business accessories look good with shirts and trousers and suits. Suitable options for sports models are much easier to find.

How to choose a women's backpack for the city

For many women, the paramount when choosing the right option is its combination with most of the things in the wardrobe. Therefore, women often prefer leather products of a more classical form. The backpack should have a color that does not introduce discord into the familiar look. It should be in harmony with scarves, jewelry, shoes and other accessories. By size, girls are better off choosing small models that are proportionally combined with the dimensions of the figure and height.

REFERENCE! The most common color for everyday accessories is black. Choosing a classic black model, you don’t have to worry about combining with other things.

In addition, the backpack should have hidden compartments for storing valuables. Zippers must be hidden behind the lapel of the fabric, which makes it invisible to penetrate the product. Especially representatives of the weaker sex pay attention to this moment. There should also be special departments in which it will be convenient to place cosmetics and other trifles.

Urban backpacks are a worthy alternative to classic cases and briefcases. Unlike tourist models, it’s convenient to carry documents, books and gadgets in them. Therefore, almost all the leading manufacturers included in their range of products a line of backpacks for the city.