How to care for leather sneakers?

Sneakers made of genuine leather look presentable, have good protective properties against moisture and cold, provide natural air exchange, as well as wear-resistant and durable.

Leather sneakers can serve for many years, if you know the basic rules for the care of such shoes. We will analyze in detail how to care for leather sneakers.

Should I take care of leather sneakers?

Leather is one of the most durable and beautiful materials. Products made of this material are of high quality and better performance. But even leather shoes need to be looked after, because it is an organic material that primarily needs nutrition and care.

In the absence of proper attention, leather sneakers will begin to lose their appearance (crack, thin), which in turn will affect the product's quality indicators (water and cold transmission) . In order to preserve the original appearance of the product as long as possible and extend its service life, care for leather sneakers should include the necessary minimum:

  • shoe shine after each use;
  • regular drying and deodorization of the inside with special tools;
  • the use of special nourishing and protective agents (creams, sprays, waxes, etc.).

The presence of brushes of different stiffness, soft sponges or rags made of natural fabrics will not only greatly facilitate the cleaning and polishing process, but will also increase the effectiveness of the action of shoes. For example, polishing leather sneakers is best done with a soft woolen cloth. Shoes after that acquire a beautiful, light gloss.

What should not be done when cleaning sneakers?

Caring for things is a frequent affair and requires a certain amount of time and money. Often people, because of their laziness or lack of awareness, try to reduce costs and time, thereby harming their things.

Important! Wash sneakers in the washer is, of course, quick, but manufacturers themselves do not recommend this. Do not dry wet leather sneakers on or near heating appliances (batteries, fireplaces), as well as in tumble dryers and with electric shoe dryers.

The drying process must occur naturally. You can speed up this process with the help of paper, loosely stuffing the inside of the shoe with it.

Advice! Do not completely rely on folk remedies for leather sneakers using vinegar, soda, acids, gasoline or other abrasive products. Using such substances, there is a risk not only not to achieve the desired result, but also significantly spoil the appearance of the products.

Modern shoe care products fully cope with the task of cleaning and protecting sneakers from dirt and moisture.

Shoe protection against deformation

The first rule was described above - avoid machine wash .

The second rule is to use shoe holders that pull the material of the sneakers, hold and retain their shape, like a frame.

They are plastic and wooden. The latter, although they have a greater cost, are better able to cope with their function, thanks to the large size, moisture-absorbing and deodorizing properties of natural wood.

How to return shoelaces to former whiteness?

The easiest way is to wash using bleach powder or bleach .

Heavily soiled shoelaces can be soaked in a solution of water and ammonia - 20 ml of alcohol in 3 liters of water. Or in a solution of acetylsalicylic acid - 5 tablets of aspirin in 3 l of water, withstand for about an hour. Then rinse the laces in clean water.

How to clean leather sneakers?

Regularity is a basic rule in the care of leather sneakers. Each time, returning home and taking off your shoes, the first thing to do is to clean it. Manual cleaning is the best way to get rid of dirt and keep the product looking good. You need to start by removing dirt with a brush and a damp cloth.

Clean the sole with a soft sponge, if necessary, use shampoo for shoes or a special foam .

The white sole is best cleaned with a toothbrush dipped in soapy water. After wet cleaning, wipe the sneakers with a dry cotton cloth and a soft sponge, apply a special skin impregnation to the surface, evenly distribute until completely absorbed. After that, depending on the season, you can treat the product with a water-repellent spray or protective wax.

Do not forget about the inside of the shoe, regularly wash the insoles and use antibacterial and deodorizing agents. Try not to wear the same pair for two days in a row. Change shoes to allow them to dry well.

How to clean nets on sneakers?

Sneakers made of combined materials require more thorough and detailed care. Mesh inserts are beautiful and practical, but how to clean such a thin material? A special brush or a regular toothbrush with soft bristles will come to the rescue.

Apply shoe shampoo or foam to the desired area and begin to clean in a circular motion, trying not to make efforts so as not to damage the fabric and not tear it.

Following elementary rules, paying due attention to your things, you can increase their service life several times. Remember - quality things require regular and quality care. This will not only reduce the cost of acquiring an extra pair of sneakers, but also create the image of a tidy person. After all, first of all, the appearance of a person is evaluated, especially the shoes that are worn on him!