How to care for leather shoes?

Leather shoes are in great demand among buyers. This is due to the versatility of the material, convenience and attractive appearance. With proper care, your beloved couple will delight for many years.

Types of leather shoes

Genuine leather is especially appreciated. Its main source is cattle, as well as goats, sheep, crocodiles and other animals. Each type of material needs certain protection and special preparations.

By dressing the skin is:

  • Smooth - lint-free and lacquered. It differs in elasticity, easily bends, holds its shape well, allows the foot to “breathe” and is the most durable.
  • Polished - it is considered less quality, harsh and worse permeable to air.
  • Matte - looks strict and expensive, without a mirror shine and pile.
  • Lacquered - shiny, with a top layer of polyurethane. It is created by coating smooth skin with a special polymer material. The varnish can be matte, glossy and color. Often, patterns and embossments are applied to it. It is not suitable for constant wear and requires careful care.
  • Sanded - fleecy, for example, suede or nubuck. This is a particularly difficult kind of skin to care for. It is advisable not to wear it in wet weather.

Leather shoe care

One of the best ways to extend the life of shoes is to take the advice of the manufacturer. The manufacturer probably knows what care is suitable for a particular pair. When choosing tools, special attention should be paid to the texture of the material and its color .

The stores offer a huge selection of care products for different types of materials. There are both budget options and luxury ones for every taste and budget. It is worth knowing that universal remedies do not exist . Therefore, the choice of cream and other accessories should be approached with all care. Even at home, take care of shoes immediately after purchase.

As for folk remedies, they must be used very competently and carefully. Technologies for the production of materials are constantly changing, as well as their quality. Those recipes that were relevant a couple of years ago may already not give the desired effect and even harm. After all, the result can be unpredictable.

Genuine Leather

Care for the natural texture is based on three principles: cleaning, nutrition and protection. Let's consider each of them in more detail. It is advisable to clean the skin after each sock. Processing is carried out with a soap solution or a cleansing foam . Next, the cleaning composition is washed off, and the product is dried.

Treat the skin with nutritious creams a couple of times a season. Popular and reliable means are Vilo, Tarrago, Salton, Twist. The cream is applied to the brush and rubbed into the skin in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. This procedure protects the material from drying out and coarsening.

As protective agents (especially in autumn and winter), water-repellent sprays, waxes, and wax are used. They are also applied until completely absorbed, and then rubbed with another brush.

Light leather shoes

Light leather shoes require special care . Therefore, few people buy it for every day. It is susceptible to any contamination and mechanical damage. The specifics of care are as follows:

  1. It is recommended that white shoes and their care products be stored separately from non-ferrous products.
  2. The dirt is first cleaned with a dry rag, and then the surface is washed with a soapy solution.
  3. Soap residues must be removed with a damp sponge.
  4. Shoes are wiped with a dry cloth and dried.
  5. Clean light material, depending on color, with white or colorless cream.
  6. Hard brushes must not be used to avoid scratches.
  7. For polishing use velvet fabric.

Important! For fair skin, it is advisable to purchase a special shampoo. Its foam gently cleanses the surface without disturbing the light pigment.

Smooth skin

The main kind of skin is smooth. The surface layer of paint on it is very thin or completely absent. It easily scratches and absorbs dirt. Therefore, such skin requires a careful attitude and thorough care. The following recommendations should be considered:

  • you can not use a lot of nutrients;
  • the product is not recommended to be worn daily: shoes should rest;
  • Do not use products based on organic solvents;
  • daily remove dust with a soft damp cloth;
  • buy beeswax creams.

Attention! Once a year, it is advisable to arrange smooth leather shoes with nutritious cleaning and care.

Matte leather

Competent care for the matte surface comes down not only to its cleaning from dirt and dust, but also processing by special means. Water repellent sprays and emollients are suitable for these purposes. It is necessary to maintain a “smoky” surface.

It is necessary to abandon the "universal" creams for all skin types. Daily care is reduced to wiping the material with a flannel moistened in warm soapy water. Wash off the solution is not worth it, just remove the moisture with a dry cloth.

Reference! Any processing of matt leather shoes should be done 3-5 hours before going outside. Exposure to primary impregnation should be at least 12 hours.

Even the most expensive and high-quality leather shoes require care. If you neglect this rule, then in a short time, chic shoes can become untidy and unattractive. The main thing is to do it right so as not to spoil your beloved couple.