How to care for a leather bag

Proper care of a leather bag will help maintain its attractive appearance, as well as significantly extend the service life. To properly care for a leather product, you need to know some rules and nuances.

The basic rules for caring for a bag made of genuine leather

Simple methods of caring for a leather bag are suitable in cases where the product does not have strong and stubborn stains. It is enough to observe the following recommendations:

  • The accessory cannot be kept in polyethylene. Due to lack of air and moisture, the skin may crack. Cases made of natural fabrics are ideal for storing such things. A shoe box is also good for these purposes.
  • So that the product does not lose its original shape during prolonged storage in a cabinet, it is filled with paper. It is better to place the bag in a prone position or hang the bag in which it is located. Do not place heavy objects on the product. Also, do not store the product in limbo on the handle, as it can quickly crack and stretch under the influence of a load.
  • It is necessary to start cleaning the product from the lining. The best tool for this is alcohol.
  • Wipe the bag at least once a week with warm, soapy water. This will remove dust and small spots of dirt. You can add a few drops of a 10% solution of ammonia.
  • It’s easy to find special skin care products in stores. With their help, your favorite product can be sanitized, freshened and even soften the stiffened material.
  • To protect against moisture, the surface should be treated with a water repellent. In addition, cleaning the accessory will be much easier. Ideally, apply this composition twice with a small gap between them.

Important! The temperature at the place of storage of the bag should vary between 29-22 C with a humidity of 70%.

Leather bag care by type

Depending on the type of material used, some adjustments must be made to the care of the product. So, bags made of varnish material require a more careful attitude and careful supervision. For cleaning the surface it is allowed to use only special compositions based on water. The best way is to treat the surface with a cotton pad soaked in soapy water. It must be squeezed out well, because water droplets should not fall on the product. Citric acid or glycerin will help restore the natural shine of the product.

It should be canceled that the varnish does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. It is advisable to use the product only at +25 and not lower than -10 C. To avoid cracking the skin several times a week, it is necessary to treat the skin with oily hand cream or special protective compounds.

To improve the general condition of the bag, you can purchase a special spray of the appropriate shade. To care for light and white accessories, milk and whipped protein, as well as a face cream, are suitable. It is enough to wipe the product a couple of times a week with these means.

Reference! A popular alternative method of cracking protection is to use a bulb. The surface of the bag is wiped with a slice of onion, and then the remaining juice is removed with a clean, dry cloth.

What to avoid when caring for a leather bag

When caring for a leather accessory, you should not perform certain actions:

  • It is not recommended to use wet wipes to wipe the surface, and stain removers and vinegar essence. These substances are characterized by an aggressive chemical environment that can ruin the skin.
  • Also, do not spray the product with perfumes and aerosols, even if an unpleasant odor emanates from it. The cause should be established and eliminated if possible.
  • The leather surface does not tolerate hard and rough brushes and sponges.
  • Do not use creams designed to clean shoes. The skin may tarnish and quickly lose its presentable appearance.
  • It is forbidden to use acetone, gasoline and liquid to remove varnish surfaces.
  • It is not recommended to completely immerse the product in water. If all this happened, it is advisable to put the crumpled newspaper inside as quickly as possible. It absorbs water and protects the thing from deformation.
  • Drying the product on a battery or using a hair dryer is prohibited. this leads to rapid aging of the surface. Drying the skin in direct sunlight causes a loss of color and makes the material more fragile.

Attention! If there is any doubt about the correct choice of the method and means for cleaning, then it is better to contact dry cleaning. Stubborn stains are also best removed professionally.

Bags made of genuine leather have a lot of advantages compared to other models. They are distinguished by special strength, reliability, wear resistance, solidity and other qualities. With proper use and care, the product will last in excellent condition for many years.