How can and cannot you look after 50

Fashion for women over 50 is no different from trends for the fair sex, who are younger by a couple of decades. What matters is not the clothes themselves, but the way in which a person wears these things and how competently she knows how to emphasize her merits. Therefore, the style largely depends on the psychological perception of the numbers in the passport.

Clothing color, prints, sequins, sequins

Often, women 50+ believe that fashion is the destiny of young people. When they take out their favorite spectacular dress from the closet, they out of habit remove it back, mistakenly believing that the time for the dress is long gone and you need to dress in something more inconspicuous and baggy. Of course, this is the biggest misconception: after all, even at 50+ you can look fashionable and stylish, just choosing the right colors and excluding some details from the wardrobe.

The main fashion trend for women over 50 involves a minimum of bright accents and elaborate details, such as sequins, massive prints and sharp transitions from one color to another. And even more so, you must immediately abandon too explicit outfits - miniskirts, dresses with a deep neckline or an open back, too transparent blouses and short shorts. The softness of the lines, strict cuts, conciseness and conservatism - this is what makes a 50+ woman fashionable and stylish.

Do not think that bright colors are not suitable for a respectable age. The right combination of shades in clothes is what matters most in choosing a wardrobe. For example, juicy and fresh shades will help to look visually younger: light green, terracotta, beige, soft lilac, pale raspberry. But you can emphasize the image with a sharp stroke - a bright belt or scarf.

To hide the flaws of the figure, they put on clothes of dark colors of a classic cut.

Style tips

  1. Always give preference to high-quality clothing that sits well on your figure.
  2. Whatever style you prefer, still the bias should be on the classics. This applies to both evening dresses and sportswear.
  3. Buy clothes in soft colors. For example, classic dark blue, noble olive, fresh pearl pink, rich green.
  4. Exclude from the wardrobe details such as beads, sequins, fringe (if there are too many), chains. It is also worth paying special attention to accessories. It is better to make one relevant accent in the form of bright beads than to hang yourself with a lot of rings or bracelets. The most successful combination is a beads and a bracelet or earrings and a ring.
  5. For a casual look, it is acceptable to choose cropped trousers of a neutral shade and complement them with comfortable ballet flats. Such an outfit, combined with a light blouse, is perfect not only for a walk, but also for a business meeting.
  6. Black is, of course, a universal color, but do not make it dominant in your wardrobe. Believe me, a woman over 50 looks amazing in clothes of any neutral shade, if you choose the right style. Put on loose-fitting trousers in bright vibrant hues, complement the look with a warm tweed jacket and low-heeled shoes, and you will undoubtedly attract attention and catch the rapt looks.
  7. Linen clothes are characterized not only by convenience and quality. In it you will look easy and feminine.
  8. Multicolor and fun prints should be discarded. More calm, pastel shades in clothes will allow you to look stylish and elegant.
  9. Avoid narrow, tight-fitting products, shapeless hoodies, open tops and any other clothes in which you feel insecure. The main requirement for the wardrobe is convenience and simplicity.
  10. Also forget about the lush and massive things that will make your figure baggy. But you should not refuse shirts in the wardrobe. With skillful combination with trousers or jeans, your image will become simply irresistible.

And the main rule of fashion for women over 50 - always wear a smile on your face. This is an integral part of your femininity and charm at any age.