How to become stylish: 6 tips from stylist Alexander Rogov

Most women dream of looking stylish and bright. However, it is quite difficult to independently place accents in the image. The recommendations of the famous stylist Alexander Rogov have already changed the attitude of many fashionistas to themselves and to the beauty industry as a whole.

Stylist Alexander Rogov.

1. The main thing is accessories

Accessories help to add fresh notes to the image and add zest. Be sure to become the owner of a branded bag.

Indeed, in combination with an expensive product, even the simplest clothes will look worthy. One of the current models of 2019 was a shopping bag. It is undesirable to buy a fake, since most often it will look ridiculous.

Attention! A quality bag of a well-known brand does not have to be expensive at all. There is always the opportunity to buy things at sales or at discounts.

2. How to become bright?

There are girls who are afraid of catchy and catchy clothes . But with a competent approach, such things are able to emphasize individuality and give confidence. The main thing is to maintain harmony and choose such images correctly.

3. White T-shirt - the foundation of any style

A white T-shirt must appear in the wardrobe. The ideal option would be to purchase several models at once. In this case, it is important that the product fits perfectly in the figure .

This basic thing is universal, as it can be easily combined with simple skirts, trousers and jeans, as well as with more complex designer jackets and other things.

4. Jeans

Jeans have long become classics and have established themselves as comfortable and practical clothes. With their help, you can create unique images for a walk, meeting friends, work and even a party.

5. Jacket / cardigan

Each girl’s wardrobe must have a jacket or cardigan. The style is selected taking into account the features of the figure, but the length is preferably medium.

Expensive outerwear harmoniously looks with simpler things.

6. Business-style clothing required

Business-style things add elegance and sophistication to the look . A snow-white shirt, a skirt of a direct silhouette and classic trousers are irreplaceable. It is worth noting that this style is suitable for absolutely all girls, and not just business women.

Six simple tips will help you get a guaranteed result. The main thing is to put them into practice, and not be afraid to be beautiful.