How to be stylish in a simple t-shirt?

T-shirt is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any person. How to look stylish in her every day, at any time of the year? Is it possible to create a unique image? To do this, we will learn two simple rules:

  • not afraid to experiment;
  • create harmony in the image.

Ideas for stylish t-shirt in 2019

How to turn a thing into a masterpiece, transform beyond recognition? First we select a t-shirt. When choosing, we take into account:

  1. Of paramount importance is the material . The first place was attached to cotton and linen. The second step of the pedestal is viscose. Next are mixed fabrics.
  2. Color matching and additional accessories will give an element of style and uniqueness.

Solid colors are now popular - classic white and black. The trend is dominated by pastel colors, burgundy, wine, olive, blue.

Bright prints returned to fashion : a tropical landscape or a catchy inscription, anime or geometric pattern.

Selecting an image on a t-shirt will create a mood.

Street style casual

For casual, the motto is: like it, comfortable - wear it! An important criterion is an individual approach to choosing clothes. There are no restrictions, but it is not for the office, theater, concert or romantic date, where you want to be the most beautiful.

The use of bright details and accents is welcome. Rhinestones, ruffles, beads and other tinsel are excluded.

T-shirt bottom

In casual you can experiment . We put on one thing with a skirt, jeans, shorts and trousers.

The result is four different looks.


The long T-shirt is in perfect harmony with both a mini skirt and a midi and maxi.

Kit decorate accessories :

  • chain belt;
  • textile belt;
  • wicker sash.

An additional detail in color should be in harmony with the top or bottom.

A leopard skirt complete with other clothes should look attractive.

Some useful tips:

  • Leopard fabric should be of high quality and expensive;
  • harmonizes only with a plain t-shirt;
  • you need to remember that this coloring visually fills.


For the style of casual jeans are blue . An alternative is chinos.

Sneakers and moccasins will create a great ensemble.


Refreshing your wardrobe by summer with shorts and culottes is the time. This convenient type of clothing, combined with a T-shirt, is perfect for a summer vacation.

We pick up the top for a t-shirt

A sweatshirt, sweater, jacket will not only warm perfectly in the cold season, but they will also be able to create an attractive look in combination with jeans.

Successful images

Business Casual. A slim t-shirt blouse with patch pockets and a V-neckline with a jacket, strict shoes and chinos looks stylish.

Street casual. This direction is distinguished by originality . “White top - dark bottom” will be complemented by a bright clutch bag, sandals on a high platform and a cap. To decorate hands and neck we use large jewelry.

Sports casual. The set includes sneakers, sneakers, sandals and flip flops of unusual colors. However, sports uniforms, vests, and backpacks are excluded.

Practicality and attractiveness of casual style are suitable for people of different age groups. When compiling onions, the following points should be considered:

  1. Do not copy. What is in the face of one person may not be suitable for another.
  2. Build on your own feelings. The main thing is not fashion, but convenience and comfort.
  3. Create an image from any clothes. Brands are not the main thing.
  4. Choose clothes according to a figure and style.

Believe in yourself, develop a sense of taste and style! Choose the things that suit you. And then you will always be irresistible.