How are loafers different from moccasins?

If you ask any mod, does he know what loafers and moccasins are, you will probably be correctly answered that these are shoes and at the same time are quite comfortable. But how they differ, few know. Read on to see what these differences are.

What kind of shoes are loafers?

Initially, they were the everyday shoes of British sailors at the beginning of the 20th century. Having gone ashore between voyages, the sailors rested and had fun. Hence the name loafers (from the English. Loafer - loafer) - "shoes loafers." In the beginning it was shoes only for men, and later women also included it in their wardrobe.

Loafers have a hard sole and a small wide heel . As a rule, they are deprived of jewelry, with the exception of tassels, a metal bridle (a signature element of the Gucci loafers) and leather stripes.

Loafers are a great combination of business style and comfort. The material from which they are made determines their relevance in a particular style . Leather loafers are perfect for a classic suit. Loafers, on the other hand, are of light colors, made of suede rather suitable for everyday wear. They should be worn with chinos or even shorts below the knees. Tassel loafers are worn under velveteen or wool trousers with a blazer - this is an excellent option for a business casual style.

But with what female models of loafers are worn:

  • wedges, suitable for any clothes;
  • tractor-soled, fashionable to wear with a chiffon dress;
  • on a thick sole, suitable for light clothing without unnecessary details;
  • on a heel, with trousers or jeans, also perfectly fit the office dress code;
  • thin soles, versatile.

Important! The more polished the shoes, the better they fit the official style.

Description of moccasins

Moccasins (from proto-Algonkin maxkeseni - shoe) were originally considered men's shoes, they were worn by North American Indians. The traditional method of their manufacture is interesting: first, the material is pulled onto the block, then fastened with a seam in the upper part of the product . In the middle of the 20th century, these shoes were no longer made by hand and gave it an aesthetic appearance. Industrial production was only begun in the 1980s.

Moccasins have a soft flat sole, these are casual shoes. Heel is missing. On the top of the product is a characteristic outer seam. Traditionally, moccasins can be decorated with chains and various accessories.

Interesting! There are a number of stereotypes with which it is appropriate to wear them. So, it is believed that jeans or canvas casual trousers are perfectly combined with these shoes, it can also be cropped jeans, velvet trousers that open the ankle.

What is the difference between moccasins and loafers?

  1. Shoelaces: Loafers are characterized by the absence of shoelaces; only tassels or fringe can be used. Moccasins have shoelaces;
  2. Production Technology: Moccasins are traditionally made from a single piece of leather, and the production technology of loafers allows you to make them from several pieces;
  3. Sole: Loafers have a flat sole. Loafers have a steady wide heel;
  4. Style: loafers - from everyday to business, loafers - everyday.

Both loafers and moccasins are popular among both men and women. It is easy to explain. Shoes are comfortable because they were originally created especially for people who spend a lot of time on their feet : Indians and sailors. Therefore, shoes are comfortable for daily use. A modern design and automation of production allowed to achieve an aesthetic appearance of products. If you don’t have a pair of loafers or moccasins in your wardrobe yet, and you decide to fix it, then perhaps this shoe will become your favorite.