How Anti-Slip Tights Help Wear High-Heeled Shoes

Isn't it nice to look at a slender girl walking in high heels? High heel has always been a sign of beauty, femininity. But what a thrill a woman feels after taking off these very high heels at the end of a working day! However, there is an opportunity to rid yourself of such a test. Moreover, to abandon the stud is not required. You just need to put on the “right” tights. It is best to choose those that will not slip.

Anti-slip tights: what is unique

This model of hosiery appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, but has already managed to win its fans.

Silicone in the foot area

A feature of such tights is that in the foot area there are strips of silicone that firmly fix the female leg.

Reference! Due to this, the foot is always in one position. This becomes a protection against unwanted corns and corns.

Minimum density

For summer open shoes this option is advantageous. Tights are incredibly thin (from 8 den), they will not be hot.

Fingerless stitch

And they also completely lack a seam on their fingers. Thus, girls who wear tights in the summer can no longer worry. A small seam that always spoils the overall impression will cease to be a problem for them.

Incidentally, in elite circles, it is considered impossible to go out in evening dress for a dinner party without wearing tights. Extraordinarily thin seamless tights will be useful in such a situation.

Why is anti-slip tights the best option for high-heeled shoes?

Each representative of the fairer sex knows why the high heel is “terrible”. The fact is that when we put on a high heel, the foot assumes an unnatural pose for itself. And if such shoes are also new, then you can’t do without corns.

Important! It is necessary to give the feet time to rest and freedom from shoes. Otherwise, after a few years you will forget about what the beauty of the legs means. And you will spend your time and money only on maintaining their health.

Why is the foot slipping in shoes?

With prolonged wearing of such a pair, blood stops flowing into the foot zone. From this, discomfort appears, and the foot swells. At the same time, in accordance with the laws of physics, the stop is always fed forward.

Reference! Such a slip leads to the appearance of unwanted wounds, calluses. In addition, leg swelling occurs, tendons become inflamed, and there is also a risk of developing varicose veins.

How do anti-slip tights change the situation?

What is the function of anti-slip tights? Everything is simple here. Light and airy, thanks to silicone, they hold the sole of the foot in one position, reliably fixing it .

This allows you to get rid of the constant friction of sensitive skin with dense shoe material. Therefore, the load on the area of ​​the fingers and even the ankles is removed. Thus, it improves not just the well-being of one day, but also health in general.

Reference! That is why Kate Middleton wears high-heeled shoes with ease.

Now you know that not only duchesses have such an opportunity!