How Americans replace swimsuit with electrical tape

Americans do not stop striving for freedom of expression. Therefore, at New York Fashion Week, swimsuits made of electrical tape became a real trend . Many girls were quick to get a stylish insulating tape from a fashion brand and design original bikinis. Instagram literally dazzled with a variety of minimal swimwear. A shiny multi-colored electrical tape glued directly to a naked body is the only clothing that covers the charms of girls.

What surprised the American designer?

It should be noted right away that the photo artist Joel Alvarez, who is the ideological inspirer of all this disgrace, has nothing to do with the fashion industry. The idea of ​​creating an unusual swimsuit from improvised material came to him eleven years ago. Then the model girl asked to take her pictures, after first applying pieces of electrical tape to the body.

Important! The very first experience of using black adhesive tape to create an unusual suit for a photographer was very frustrating. This was not what he imagined in his fantasies.

Unexpected use of electrical tape

To date, the electrical tape from the Black Tape Project is available in several colors, including silver and gold, as well as in various sizes, from the widest to ultra-narrow. Now you can create unusual beach bows at least every day. In addition, the electrical tape is very convenient to attach to the body, and it does not constrain movements, like clothes.

It should be noted that no one has yet tried to use household electrical tape in this way .

From a moral point of view, of course, there are a number of questions. But from the point of view of convenience and cheapness - absolutely none. With such electrical tape, as from the company Alvarez, you can at least daily change beach images and remain attractive in any situation .

How did you react to the design venture

Designers liked the trendsetters and all who care about modern fashion.

Interesting! Emancipated images pleased many women who were not shy about attracting universal attention and looking too frankly.

Models with elastic bodies paced conditionally naked on the catwalk. All the most intimate parts of the body were covered with small shreds of electrical tape. The author of the idea believes that it is very beautiful, inexpensive and practical.

Girls are already massively trying to come up with the most original swimsuit. By experimenting and sharing their images on social networks, they give a huge development to a brand that only sells rolls of electrical tape.

Important! Many fashion critics admitted that a girl adorned with pieces of golden or silver tape on a nude, always looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, you can always apply your creative thinking and come up with a bright, unforgettable image.

Is electrical tape instead of a swimsuit - is this serious?

It is not yet clear how tightly such outfits will enter our lives. However, in America, the girls hurried to actively participate in the new fashion trend . They massively decorate their bodies with duct tape in golden and silver shades, take pictures and post pictures on their accounts.

Joel Alvarez, laughing, explains that these posts are the main way to market his products. The popularity of special electrical tape is growing every day. Girls want to look stylish and original even on the beach.

It seems that in our country such a fashion is unlikely to take root. Models can still walk around the catwalk in such frank bikinis for some time, but the result will be very small. In our country, old traditions are still greatly honored and are not so actively fighting for freedom of expression.

In addition, it is not known how such a “swimsuit” will show itself if used for its intended purpose. Will he stay on the body after swimming?

How do you like this design idea?