How to alter a cap

Caps are an integral part of summer wardrobe. They are called differently, for example, a cap or a more western option - a baseball cap. Americans were the first to wear caps with a straight visor. Baseball players (the name was born) and fans supporting their favorite team introduced the fashion to the headgear. In other words, a baseball cap is a complete sporting attribute.

Cap Features

The cap performs the main task - it protects the head from ultraviolet rays . The visor covers his eyes, which was unusually useful on the field. It would seem that the usual support from the fans is to put on a baseball cap with the colors of your team. But they quickly became the foundation of street style.

Help The first cap prototype was sewn in 1810 by Balthazar Krems.

Since then, modifications to the cap can be seen as part of the uniform of the military and police or as a sports headgear that has made its way into fashion.

Popularity is due not only to good sun protection, but also to other qualities.

  • Caps and caps are made of "breathing" fabrics, the head under them does not sweat .
  • They are resistant to wear, so they can be worn for several years.
  • The main thing is that they are universal . You can adjust the visor by simply bending it at the desired angle, and likewise do the same with the size by twisting or pulling the clasp.

There are situations when the cap is too large and slides or too small. The general part squeezes the head, wearing such a hat is completely uncomfortable. Often a problem with size occurs in children. However, there is a way out: you just need to take it in. We’ll tell you how to do it right.

How to change the size of the cap yourself

Plus caps in their versatility, but even so their sizes are different. E-commerce is seriously widespread, where the product can not be tried on and you can’t find out if the product is suitable for head circumference. Of course, there is a fastener or a plastic regulator, but they are not always enough. The headgear ceases to look good - all the fabric is pulled together at the back of the head.

The size of the cap is easy to change by yourself . It will take a minimum of effort and choose the right textile fittings.

What will be needed for work

To alter the cap you will need to prepare the following.

  • Wide elastic in a suitable color, size 2.5 cm, length measured individually.
  • Threads to match the cap or its firmware.
  • Tools: pins, scissors, sewing machine or needle.

Operating procedure

  • The plastic knob should be flushed completely . It is with him that the most problems arise: there is no opportunity to correct the size, tangles and hooks the hair.

Important! The elastic will play a role similar to a fastener - it will stretch if the girth of the head is greater, and will quickly return to shape.

  • Remove residual threads, pick up a wide elastic band. Insert it into the vacated place (not less than 3 cm on each side), secure with pins.
  • Sew the elastic to the cap on one side only.
  • Be sure to try on the resulting product. It is necessary to calculate how much the elastic can stretch.
  • After that, hide the unnecessary piece inside the cap.
  • Walk a few times to reinforce the fabric. It remains only to try on one last time and can be worn.

Important! When reworking an eight-blade cap, you need to fully expand it and reduce the size of each element. This difficult job is best left to professionals.

Work Tips

  • Just changing the cap on the elastic is not enough. You need to know the exact girth of a person’s head. Thus, the size of the part that is not sewn in is regulated. If you make it too big, then the problem will not be solved - the cap will continue to hang out.
  • It is best to hem with a sewing machine. Such seams will not only give credibility, but also will not spoil the appearance. They will evenly fit the elastic to the back of the baseball cap.
  • No need to rush. The work must be performed sequentially so as not to confuse anything. So, the cap will fit faster and will delight you with a new design.