Horizontal or vertical: when a strip becomes dangerous

Do you like striped fabrics? And which one do you prefer: horizontal, vertical, or maybe a diagonal? This print is the current fashion trend of 2019. But following the fashion, you need to be careful and prudent. Not every lady can afford any direction of drawing. Most need to know which option is winning and which is dangerous. Let's figure it out together!

Strip features

First of all, we will keep in mind that the line thickness can visually change the shape . In some cases, “narrow” the figure (make the waist and legs slimmer), in others - expand the parts of the body.

If you have successfully selected the width of the print, then visually all the proportions of the body will be balanced.

Tip. If you have not yet decided which particular strip suits you, then take a thin one, it is universal.


As you probably already understood, the choice largely depends on the goals of the woman.

If you need to lengthen the silhouette, look slimmer, you should choose a vertical one . Making a conditional vertical is simple: add elongated things to the outfit (for example, a cardigan, coat, cloak). To emphasize the line and juicy accent, make a contrast. A light scarf around the neck, a jewelry with a pendant are ready-made accent options.

Important! The opinion that a vertical strip is slimmer is wrong. For harmony, it is important to correctly select the color and line width.

To emphasize their merits you need things in a thin vertical and frequent stripes. It is worth paying attention to loose trousers with a symmetrical arrangement of lines. There is an assumption that during smooth transitions from narrow to wide gaps, the figure is extended .

Adds Width

Contrasting wide and frequent lines expand the silhouette .

Important! Take note that a wide strip on the stomach will make the waist a few centimeters more elegant.

Contrast also matters. Dark shades reduce proportions, and light sharpen.

The direction of the triangles in the bow makes your type either full or thin. Triangles that are directed upwards always give an expansion effect, and those that rush down - narrow.

Print Features

Do not be afraid to wear striped clothes! She will keep you young. Cast aside all doubts, and you will look “blossomed” and young in comparison with your peers. The main thing is to take into account the originality of this print.


If ordinary lines are tired, then you can choose diagonals. They transmit dynamics, slim . The look along the sloping lines is longer (than along the usual ones), so usually a female figure in such a dress gets more attention. This means that there is an increasing chance to draw attention to your merits.

Transverse stripes

This pattern also looks good on the figure. With the help of transverse lines, you can easily visually increase the chest, hips and even make a "wasp" waist.

But if your figure looks more like a boy’s one or resembles a triangle (inverted or regular), then a symmetrical strip cannot always “sit down” in an advantageous position. In this case, you need to combine the bottom or top.

How to choose a print with a shape

It is a myth that such a print is only for young people. You are mistaken if you think so too. It goes to everyone, even people in years, only the older the lady, the paler the contrast should be. Or over a blouse, shirt, you can put on a plain jacket, jacket.


Lush women should choose a horizontal striped wardrobe. She will make you higher and narrower. If you choose a vertical arrangement with a large distance between the lines, you get the opposite effect.

It's all about visual perception. The eyes perceive the horizontal lines as one whole vertical, and therefore we "read" the outfit of a person from top to bottom. Vertical ones look from left to right, so the figure seems wider.

  • It is very dangerous to wear a dress, skirt, pants with a vertical direction. It will further emphasize all the bends of the body, reveal the flaws of the silhouette.
  • Do not choose a pleated skirt, because because of it pleats will appear on the hips. It doesn't look very good.
  • Do not be discouraged, in addition to limitations, there are positive pluses. Full ladies, you look gorgeous in a dress with diagonals.
  • A small vertical pattern on clothes is also your option. If you are embarrassed and shy, throw up a black jacket, a trench coat, a tank top.

For figures of different types

Striped up will be perfectly and concisely in harmony with the plain bottom (shorts, skirt, jeans, overalls).

  • For a thin girl with a pear, rectangle shape, the shoulder area can be increased with frequent horizontal stripes.
  • If a girl has “male” shoulders (“ apple ”, “ inverted triangle ”, “ hourglass ” figures), then it is better to hide them and not wear strapless clothes.

What can striped clothes

  • You can add harmony to the legs using a vertical narrow strip or belt.
  • A pencil skirt will look great, it will show “lush” hips.
  • Pants, shorts and high-waisted skirts in a vertical strip will help accentuate the waist.
  • Women with uniforms can wear palazzos.
  • Do not give up striped dresses. They will make your look soft and light.

Properly choosing a print and choosing the right frequency, contrast and direction, you can create a unique image. You will be irresistible!