Homeless Style: Stars Dress Up Like Homeless

A very recent unofficial trend in the world of fashion is the “homeless style”, which challenged our glamor. Outwardly - a large number of rags pulled over a person and making him look like a homeless man. Someone thinks this is insanity, and someone - a revolution of style.

Hollywood Stars In Homeless Clothing

Some world-class stars are so fond of this trend that they regularly use it in everyday life.


The shocking appearance of the great pop diva is constantly surprising . But it is unlikely that fans would recognize their idol just by meeting on the street.

The singer does not disdain rumpled baggy, untidy appearance, disheveled hairstyle.

Keira Knightley

In front of the cameras, the actress always appears in the form of a fragile delicate fairy. The standard of grace and grace all rolled into one. In everyday life, her style is noticeably different from the cinematic.

The girl prefers to wear shapeless things pulled over each other.

Helena Bonham Carter

British movie star with aristocratic, sharp features. I tried on a lot of images. Appears in public only in exquisite ensembles. Seeing her in real life, you might think that this is a lady with no fixed abode. Colorful midi skirts combined with rude men's sneakers, a worn closed top and unkempt hair.


Sex symbol of the world level. Each outfit subtly balances between elegance and sexuality. Dresses from the red carpet are striking in their originality. In everyday life, the singer puts on stretched, shabby sweatpants, slippers, a dirty jacket not in size and goes to the street.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The secular attire of the actress for many ladies is an example of the ideal of a woman of "Balzac age." Successfully combined branded items + a charismatic smile. But even she needs a break from these delights. Often she can be found dressed in old sweatpants and a man's jacket or jacket.

Heidi Klum

A supermodel can also get tired of the fashionable clothes that she shows at shows . Beauty can sometimes yield to comfort.

Favorite leggings, shapeless dresses, oversized jackets and, most importantly, dark glasses.

Gigi Hadid

Another model tired of fashionable bows. Simple trousers with stripes, a t-shirt, not the first freshness, a faded fur coat periodically supersede designer suits. But as soon as she returns to the podium, she will again turn into a princess.

It's hard to say what makes the stars dress like that. Maybe the desire to demonstrate a protest, to show creativity, to disguise themselves from fans ... Or there is no definite reason at all, and all for the sake of comfort.