Home clothes that will not allow her husband to take your eyes off you

How to be attractive sitting at home on the couch? What is the difference between a worn dressing gown and a stylish home ensemble? What qualities of homewear are preferred? We will talk about this and much more below.

Motives of the East

Do you like comfort and convenience? Pay attention to the oriental style.

Important! Not to be confused with terry bathrobes and plush things.

Oriental notes allow a woman to remain mysterious even at home. Many fashion designers are happy to use the unique charm and versatility of the East in creating their collections of home women's clothing.

The main feature of such outfits is external modesty and stunning femininity. Choosing Indian, Turkish, Arab motifs, you will always remain a mystery to your beloved man, who he will want to solve.

Silk mini dressing gown or kimono

Such cute little things are in the wardrobe of every girl (woman). Wearing them is a pleasure. Comfortable cut and pleasant coolness of silk in the summer heat make the outfit simply irreplaceable.

Yes, and men sympathize with them. A gentle touch of satin or silk fabric promotes positive emotions . The guy in such clothes wants to hug the guy again and again.

Do you dream of “refreshing” your relationship? To add some exotic and brightness to them? Feel free to wear models with hieroglyphs and ornaments. It is best to use the color scheme in red, black, dark blue, green, beige tones.

Even a trouser silk suit will be an elegant and original solution for the home.


Don't want to be taken by surprise? Wear denim clothing at home. And you are always ready for what is called "both in the feast and in the world." The home ensemble looks very stylish: skinny jeans (you can wear them that don’t go outside anymore) + a cropped top (tight-fitting T-shirt, lace bra).

Slender legs will become even more elegant if you wear old jeans trimmed just above the knee.

Cropped denim shorts will give an unusual charm, especially to women with tightened hips. This is a perfect harmony of comfort and some eroticism.


The variety of styles just rolls over. Men's eyes are attracted by a magnet like a delicate mix, “mixed” on silk, satin and aerial lace.

It is important to choose the right sexual model in accordance with the individual characteristics of the female figure . The best option is nude and black shades.

Important! Red, emerald, blue tones - the choice of bright beauties.

Silk pajamas

Appreciate the cosiness of family evenings and comfortable sleep? This clothes is for you. Do not forget about style and beauty.

A great solution - pajamas made of natural silk, trimmed with lacing or lace . Shorts + tank tops look even better . Modifications from a flannel are admissible (under condition of ideal "landing").

Luxurious lace peignoirs

This is the best of evening romantic outfits for two. Special chic to a woman will give a set of silk or satin. A good option is high-quality cotton or knitwear.

The nakedness of the female body beckons the partner even more when she peers through the airy lace luxury.

Shy of your body? The unique sexuality of the openwork peignoir is suitable for any silhouette, completely smoothing out all the shortcomings.

Such clothes for home intrigue a man and allows him to be met “fully armed”.

What do men not like?

You should know:

  • The excessive variegation of colors and the inexpressiveness of a traditional midi dressing gown is unlikely to wake any male emotions.
  • Most of the strong half of humanity, unlike women, absolutely does not perceive home overalls.

  • A complete lack of femininity scare away guys worn jeans with sagging knees and old spots. They are only associated with working clothes.
  • Do not attract a strong floor and long straight nightgowns made from coarse linen . They are considered "grandmothers." The “flashy” floral print does not add charm.

  • Do not wear pajamas in prison colors .
  • Throw away all old sweatshirts and wide pants .
  • Absolutely not sexy tops with applications of cartoon characters . Cute - and no more.

In winter

Is warmth and pleasant sensations your “hobbyhorse”? Wear jerseys at home . Their unusual tactility and ability to "stretch" will be very helpful.

Designers offer a large number of various ensembles . Choosing a fashionable "bow", it is worth considering several points:

  • brevity of cut - otherwise there is a risk of seeming ridiculous;
  • lack of floral print (knitwear with multi-colored buds looks vulgar);
  • give preference to stylish sets: leggings + oversized t-shirt or straight-cut dresses without any pattern.

Original pajamas made from natural fabrics look great. In them, a woman will look special, no worse than a "desperate housewife."

The rules of “successful” and beautiful home wear

Harmony above all. The chosen model should not only be sexy, but also quite comfortable for home.

Do not rely on someone else's taste and put on things in which you feel ridiculous and insecure. Even worse, if a woman is completely shy of her outfit.

How to attract male attention? Dress in a figure. Emphasizing your merits, you will be completely confident in the invincibility of style and female charm.

Still prefer to go home in old things from the "sorry to throw out" series? Remember how you were before marriage. Home clothes should be comfortable and beautiful. Its practicality does not mean a complete lack of style. Throw out clumsy terry robes, lurid flower dresses, littered velor costumes, through the window. Please your beloved men with fashionable home bands. And then you definitely will not be left without their attention.