Hole shoes and other incidents from the royal family

Today, the names of members of the British royal family appear in the yellow press chronicles much more often than the names of the most shocking stars of foreign or Russian show business. One has only to go to Instagram or open recommendations in any of the social networks, as immediately there are offered to view 100500 new photos of Harry and Megan or the Duchess of Cambridge. In most cases, these are post-official photos from receptions and dinners, but sometimes there are quite interesting shots proving that we are all human. Want to know what I mean? See below.

They - like everyone else

Every time I get confused with something like an arrow on my pantyhose or an accidentally broken nail, I recall these photos and calm down. It may spoil my onion, but I don’t have a chance that I will be caught in the lens by some cunning paparazzi, so you can relax and run to the store for new stockings. Whether it’s a matter of the royal family - just look.

Middleton Monroe

It seems that every time a recognized “style icon”, the Duchess Kate decides to put on an outfit of weightless fabric, all the winds of the world begin to pursue her. Of course, Mrs. Middleton should not be very upset, the figure completely allows her to shine with her bare hips, only the status still obliges ... To see Prince William’s wife in a chiffon skirt lately is impossible (probably Elizabeth herself started upgrading her daughter’s wardrobe).

By the way, the image of Marilyn Monroe was able to try on herself and Elizabeth herself.

Forgetful Megan

The newly made Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is not yet used to her new status. Otherwise, how else can it be explained that she will forget to fasten the button on the blouse, then she will not cut the tag from the outfit, or even make an official reception without pantyhose.

Looking at this, I want to remember the words of the famous song about "even if you are a little over 30 ..."

Thrifty Harry

Well, how else can you explain the appearance of Prince Harry at a more than social event (best friend’s wedding) in shoes with such a hole on the sole? It is difficult to believe that the hole is a factory marriage, so we conclude that these shoes are just Harry's favorite.

Well, that makes you think. Can a state where princes walk in full of holes be considered successful?

The Hatter Elizabeth

As for the Queen of Great Britain herself, it is difficult to count how many times she entertained the press with her ridiculous headdresses. To some, her hats may seem like a “squeak of fashion” and an “abyss of taste”, but not to us. Although, for that she is the queen - she can do anything.

Jolly Charles

Looking at the photos of Prince Charles, I want to say that he is just a fun seventy-year-old guy who, apparently, will not change his title as heir to ruler. That is why it is enraged.

Looking at all this, I want to forgive myself for all the minor awkwardness and chance. Or is it worth remembering Jupiter and the bulls?