Hipster Panty Pattern

Hipsters are a convenient daily model for a child. Panties with an elastic waist and hem are great for small children. They are often used as underwear, because such products do not fall off and protect the body of the child well.

If you like to sew, try sewing hipster panties for your baby.

What you need for sewing

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following.

  1. Knitted fabric from cotton : kuliku or interlok. Old t-shirts are allowed.
  2. Elastic knitted fabric - riban.
  3. Sewing machine or overlock.
  4. Tools: tailor pins, scissors.

Details and pattern of children's hipsters

Hipsters include four parts: front, back halves, two gussets. For the internal gusset, it is better to use a plain, thinner knitwear .

Details are cut out according to the patterns proposed on the pattern. It is universal. Print the pattern, enlarge to the specified size. Cut life-sized paper templates. Place the halving patterns on the canvas, secure with tailor pins and cut.

From the ribana, open a belt 8 cm wide, 30 cm long. And also two edgings 6 cm wide, 20 cm long.

IMPORTANT! The fold line of the halves pattern must match the vertical knit stitches. Cut out the details of the belt and hem, focusing on the vertical stripes of the rib.

How to sew panties for children

ATTENTION! If you have little experience working with an overlock or sewing machine, we recommend that you pre-sweep or fasten the parts with tailor pins.

  • Overlock we process the front edge of the inner gusset .
  • Attach a gusset to the front half .
  • Next, you need to sew the back of the panties to the gusset and at the same time sew the inner gusset . For this, we fold the parts with the front sides with the back of the canvas and lay the untreated edge of the inner gusset. We connect all three parts along the edge.
  • After ironing the seams, we connect the lateral edges of the panties.
  • Next, grind the edges of the hem and belt .
  • Before attaching the belt, fold it in half. Next, combining the seam of the belt with the side seam of the product with the front sides, grind the edges of the folded parts .

ATTENTION! When making a seam, it is necessary to evenly straighten and stretch the ribbed belt along the girth of the canvas so that wrinkles do not form.

  • To attach the grinding we fold it in half. We combine the seam of the facing with the side seam of the product, we attach it along the edge of the overcast seam, evenly stretching around the perimeter.
  • Similarly stitch the second trim.
  • In conclusion, fasten the thread seams, cut the ends of the threads, turn the product to the front side.

Panties are ready! You can please a comfortable new thing for your baby.