To help autolady. Rating of the most comfortable shoes for girls driving

Driving safety depends not only on theoretical knowledge and practical skills. An important role is played by shoes that are worn on the driver’s foot, because comfort is required when you press the pedal. This helps to avoid many accidents on the road.

Many people do not even suspect that shoes greatly affect safety while driving. In the UK, for example, about 1 million accidents occur every year for this reason. The leg may become numb, slip or not feel at all for one hundred percent of the pedal, because of which the force of pressing it is violated. And in emergency cases, this circumstance can even lead to death due to an accident.

In some countries, there is even a law punishing drivers for wearing the “wrong” shoes, which is pretty fair. For example, barefoot driving is prohibited in Alabama, USA, Hong Kong, and Belgium. Baku provides fines for driving in slippers. In Spain and France, fines from 90 to 200 euros have been imposed for this.

The most suitable types of shoes for use in a car are:

1. Sneakers and sneakers . Sports shoes are considered the most comfortable both for everyday wear and for staying in it while driving a car. Some girls and women also prefer to wear it as replaceable shoes and then change into stilettos. But sneakers and boots for security purposes are best abandoned.

2. Moccasins and ballet shoes . They are one of the most comfortable options for a car. This also includes slippers and espadrilles.

3. Open sandals . Their wearing is permissible. However, you should be careful that the leg does not jump out of them. If there is such a threat, then they should be abandoned. It is also important to pay attention to the sole: it should not be too thin. It is best to choose those options where the heel is fixed.

4. Boots and boots are possible. However, only if they have a thin and flexible sole. High lacing should be ruled out because it squeezes the leg, which causes blood circulation to be disturbed and foot sensitivity deteriorating. If the sole is stiff, then you have to make great efforts to bend the leg. It is also dangerous. High heels are prone to loosening and breaking.

It is important that the boots or boots are not too narrow, as this will prevent the legs from bending while driving. It is also better to use shoes made of natural material, since synthetics do not allow the foot to “breathe”. It can bring discomfort and short boots and boots. They interfere with easy bending at the ankle, which limits leg mobility.

5. Pumps with heels up to 5 cm. This option is much better than no heels at all. A small heel allows the foot to bend very smoothly. It is important to pay attention to the stability of the heel and the sole. Better mouth will be tall, but stable than small and shaky. Shoes on the cork platform are recommended to be excluded from the list of those that can be used for driving. Wedge shoes also need to be excluded.

6. Car footwear. In Europe, leading fashion houses have long been developing special shoes for driving. Among them:

  • car trucks from Italian manufacturers Cesare Paciotti, Aldo Brue, Ganfranco Ferre, Alberto Guardiani;
  • leather slippers from Ganfranco Ferre. Their feature is that the sole includes rubber pads that extend to the heel area. This makes pedal pressure more comfortable;
  • Shoes by Cesare Paciott i. It is completely made of rubber, and this makes the sole flexible, which facilitates any foot movement while driving;
  • shoes from Aldo Brue . It is strewn with small holes that provide ventilation in the hot season. However, its disadvantage is the low quality, it is worn for only one season (in the rare case, two).

On the one hand, you can always immediately choose the right shoes for driving a car. It is better to give preference to one hundred percent safe options. But if there is no opportunity to wear it and it is planned to use shoes that are not suitable for the reliability criteria, it is recommended to change shoes in the car. This takes very little time, but provides safety while driving.

It is also possible to purchase a special mat in the car shop. It has recesses of more than two centimeters for the heel.

A careful attitude to shoes when driving a car is very important, because not only the safety of drivers, but also pedestrians depends on it. Feet should be as comfortable as possible in cases of quick response. Therefore, before you get behind the wheel, you should think over your wardrobe several times.