Heel height unacceptable after fifty

Tall studs are beautiful. The legs look much longer, the figure is slimmer, the gait is lighter. But many are of the opinion that only a young girl can afford such shoes, and women of an elegant age who have exchanged half a century, such shoes are contraindicated. But with high heels it’s sometimes so hard to part! Is it possible to wear your favorite stilettos at this luxurious age or is it worth it to change shoes in old lady's slippers on a flat sole, read on.

Interesting! It is believed that the highest heel made in Romania. A fashion designer from this country named Mihai Albu created shoes with heels 31 cm high.

Which heel is strictly contraindicated after 50 years?

Of course, do not put an end to yourself. At 50, you must definitely look fashionable and elegant. It is just necessary to observe several rules, including when choosing the right shoes. Shoes with high or ultra-high heels - more than 10 cm - are good only on the catwalk.

However, some time ago, fashion models tried to strike due to difficult working conditions. And their main misfortune was just uncomfortable shoes! The maximum heel height of casual shoes for women of elegant age should be no more than 5 cm . This is quite enough to stretch the silhouette, raise the representative of the fair sex above the ground (in the literal and figurative sense). Such a height of the heel will be comfortable and will not cause inconvenience.

Problems with wearing high-heeled shoes

Putting on such shoes, you need to be aware that the load on the knee joints is greatly increased, and this threatens arthrosis . Deformation of the calf muscles occurs - they are shortened and become denser, losing elasticity. All weight falls on the fingers, not the entire foot. From this, the joints of the toes flatten, the metatarsal bones are deformed, cones and curvatures appear. With a shift in the center of gravity, the spine also suffers, which ultimately leads to pain in the lumbar region.

So high stilettos can cause irreparable harm to health . But which of the fashionistas did all these threats stop? Only those who with age felt them on themselves. Most often, alas, such health changes occur just closer to fifty. So, in order to maintain good health, you need to wear shoes only on a flat sole? In fact, the answer is not so obvious.

Is there a danger when wearing shoes without heels?

Oddly enough, many doctors claim the trauma of shoes with flat soles. Such a sole deforms the foot, causing flat feet. Due to the low depreciation, the Achilles tendon is in constant tension, the leg is more tired. Flip flops and other slippers without a backdrop are especially harmful .

The gait in the shales becomes somewhat clubfoot, the ligaments of the foot are very tense, and the muscles are stretched, the leg is not protected. All this together can lead to injuries much greater than when wearing high stilettos. In addition, slippers for a woman of mature age also carry another danger - they add at least a couple of years.

And what to do, how to get out of this vicious circle?

In fact, everything is simple. You need to wear a variety of shoes : you can also flip flops to the beach, it is much more convenient to walk on the sand in them; sneakers are perfect for a walk in the park, and low-and-stable heels for boats.

Which heel is preferred after fifty?

For a lady after 50, when choosing shoes, three basic requirements must be observed: convenience and comfort, elegance and, of course, the use of natural materials . With age, the leg becomes more swollen and aching in faux shoes, so preference should be given to natural leather or textiles.

For solemn occasions, elegant low-heeled boats are suitable. The best height is no more than 5 cm. The combination of a classic dress and a shot glass heel is considered the standard of elegance . But be careful - this form is suitable only for slim women . For ladies with a full ankle, a straight heel or the so-called “column” is more suitable. Shoes-ballet shoes with a low, 3-4 cm, heel in the form of a "brick" perfectly fit almost any outfit and will look good on a serious lady. Such shoes are stable and look stylish and modern.

Interesting! In Australia, the USA and Israel, it is customary to organize high-heeled races. Both men and women participate. Charity Runs. The funds raised go to the fight against breast cancer.

For colders, elegant ladies can choose ankle boots or boots made of genuine leather or suede with a square heel of 3-5 cm. But if you need shoes to go out in the cold season, then boots on the palm below the knee, on a stable heel up to 7 cm, have a classic silhouette, preferably suede, give a mature lady status and will look amazing with any outfit.