Hat with shirt front for a boy

Winter with its frosts and strong winds makes a hat with a shirt shirt just a necessary accessory in the wardrobe of not only children, but also adults.

She is able to replace a scarf, thereby relieving herself from endlessly wrapping it around her neck. In addition, such a cap well closes the back of the head and does not slide away from it, in contrast to the usual headgear.

How to crochet a baby hat with a shirt shirt

Preparation for work

In order to get started, you must first select the yarn and the corresponding size hook. The main recommendations for choosing threads for a baby hat.

The yarn should contain a natural thread . Such as wool merino, llama, camel, yak, fluff Angora rabbit. This will ensure the warmth of the finished product.

ATTENTION! When choosing natural threads, it is worth considering that they can be “prickly, ” that is, they can cause tingling sensations.

As a result, the child may refuse to wear such a product. And sometimes the threads can cause itching on the skin. To avoid this, you should choose yarn created specifically for knitting children's products.

IMPORTANT! Accurately measure the volume of the head on which the cap fits. Proper metering will ensure a snug fit.

After choosing the yarn, you need to pick up a hook to it. Any yarn has a factory label. It is marked with a hook or knitting needles that fit the thickness of a given thread.

Important! You should immediately buy two or three hooks. The first is the one indicated on the label, the second and third are one size larger and smaller.

This is due to the fact that each knitter has its own density for knitting the fabric. And if the knitting is too tight, then you should change the hook to a larger one. Thus, the finished product will not fall off. In addition, a smaller hook may be required for the edge.

Hat with a shirt shirt for a boy

After measuring the volume of the head, it is necessary to begin to knit the bottom of the cap according to the scheme.


The bottom of the cap is tied to the required diameter. Here it is worth controlling the circumference of the part of the cap so that it matches the volume of the head.

After that, tie the resulting bottom 1 next to single crochet. Then you can alternate between different types of columns, you can use single or double crochet, single crochet. The main thing is to get the required height of the cap.

IMPORTANT! In the process of knitting, it is necessary to constantly monitor compliance with the size. It is advisable to do this, trying on a hat on a child.

After reaching the required height of the cap, leave approximately 2 or 3 cm on the elastic. After that, divide the work into two parts. Set aside the front (front) part, do not continue knitting on it.


The occipital part should be continued with the same columns until the neck begins. After that, increase the number of loops symmetrically on both sides, so that it is enough to overlap two sides and form a fastener. Here it is necessary to try on the cap while adding columns, so as not to miss the size.

After that, knit the back of the head along with the posts added on both sides to form a front closure. Knit in the same pattern as the hat. Knitting to continue to the height of the neck. That is, until the shoulder line is reached.

Continuation of work

After that, tie out the raglan lines. It is formed by 3 columns knitted from one loop. The height of the raglan knitting will depend on how long the shirt you want to get. Estimate how deeply it will cover the shoulders, chest and back.

Hat with a shirt-front for the girl

A warm hat on a girl can be similar to a boy’s product. And it can be made not only with double crochet or without columns, but also with an openwork pattern. Another option: knitting from different types of yarn, thereby forming a pattern.

The difference between hats for girls and products for boys can only be that the shirt-front for a girl can be patterned.

Here you can use patterns for any napkins or any pattern for even knitting in a circle. In each row, the number of columns increases, thereby creating the necessary expansion.

This can successfully replace raglan lines. Here are a few patterns with which to help with knitting shirt-fronts (pelerines).

How to crochet a hat and shirt for a man

For men, a separate knit cap and shirt front will be the best option. This is more functional, as it allows you to wear them separately.

The field for imagination is endless here. This is achieved thanks to the various patterns that are acceptable for men's products, and a variety of color combinations.

Here, one of the possible schemes and the corresponding model.

IMPORTANT! When crocheting gum, a thinner hook should be used.

This will make a more dense edge, which will not subsequently stretch.

On the finished model, the bottom is tied according to the presented scheme, and then an elastic on the knitting needles is already attached to it. But it can be successfully replaced with columns with the 1st double crochet or without it.