To hand over or not to hand over a bag in a supermarket

Often in supermarkets there is an unpleasant situation when at the entrance to the trading floor visitors are asked to hand over their bag to the left luggage office. Or already at the exit, the guards begin to rummage through personal belongings, trying to find goods that are not on the check.

Even more surprising is the store staff’s request for a luggage room. Indeed, on the doors of these cells there are announcements that the administration is not responsible for the things contained in them.

Many will agree that leaving personal items in a cell with a flimsy lock, where a fraudster can easily open and steal valuables, is not safe. However, not many people know that the requirements of the center’s employees are completely unfounded . They have no right to force the buyer to leave their own things unattended. We will deal with this issue in more detail.

Supermarkets offer: hand over bags!

Most stores require hand luggage and large bags in the left luggage room. The security guards at the entrance can say this. Or sellers and employees of the hall remind you when you have already entered the shopping center. Such a requirement is based on the desire of the store to minimize losses.

With large bags or long coats, buyers often touch goods on the shelves and smash, spoil the goods, for which they then do not pay. Store thieves also often use this technique, carrying valuable items in the pockets of a voluminous coat or bag. In any case, the store has the right to ask for the delivery of the bag to the visitor’s camera. But he has no right to insist on it!

Important! If the guard categorically insists on handing over the bag, you should not go about it. You can always call the outlet to administrative responsibility and defend your own rights.

Do not hand over the bag - the right of the buyer

Many citizens who have ever been to a chain supermarket or mall know that lockers look completely unreliable. They are locked on flimsy locks. Therefore, it is easy to pick up a key to them or, if necessary, to crack without extra effort.

That is why the question of handing bags to the camera is not at all worth it. Insisting on leaving the bag, the store’s administration violates Russian law, in particular, Art. 421 of the Civil Code.

If a store representative urges you to hand over your hand luggage and doesn’t let them into the trading room, you can resort to the following actions.

  • Ask for a store administrator visit. Most likely, the situation will be resolved very quickly. After all, authorized persons are much more familiar with Russian legislation.
  • Demand a complaint book, where to clearly describe the violation of their rights . This is unlikely to help visit the store on the selected day and time. But in the future, perhaps, the store will be more loyal to customers who do not want to take their bags to cells.
  • Call the police . Only people in the performance can inspect the personal belongings of the buyer or search him. The guard has no right to do so.

If a person has extra time and there is an urgent need to prove his own innocence, this can be done quite simply. One only has to remind supermarket employees of the rules of the law.

To hand over or not to hand over a bag - the decision is up to the buyer

In some cities, there are regional laws that establish store standards of conduct. None of these documents indicate that a store visitor is required to leave personal items in a cell. This is directly contrary to federal law.

By demanding this from its customers, the store’s administration violates human rights and the law on concluding a public contract. This can be punished with serious fines. The humiliating procedure of inspection of things after passing through the cash register can also be successfully suppressed. You just need to remind the guards about the rules of the retail trade.

Important! Storage of your own things in a cell or at a special person at the entrance is the automatic conclusion of a storage agreement.

Therefore, reminders that the administration is not responsible for the things left are also illegal.

Leaving or not leaving personal items for storage in a cell is an individual decision of each buyer. All stores are well aware that visitors to the sales area are not required to do this. And if they do, then their things should remain intact. The outlet is responsible for this. Therefore, feel free to take a bag with you to the store premises, if it does not interfere and is necessary.