Half-pants: stylish or ridiculous? What is your opinion about the fashion trend?

Designers of our time offer the most unusual options for outfits that sometimes you don’t even know where to put on. In place of the holes in jeans that have faded into shadow this season, the so-called half-pants have come.

And these are not elongated shorts or breeches, as many would have thought. This is something that is not clear to our mind, but trendy from the point of view of stylists and fashion designers.

Half pants are not shorts!

Perhaps by the name you thought we were offered trousers, whose trouser legs were half cut. No! In fact, half-pants are not shorts! But not pants, and not even a skirt or something else, fished out of a woman’s wardrobe.

This is a kind of symbiosis of the elements of the listed clothes, and sometimes just one leg, worn over the body . At first glance, it looks pretty ridiculous and even absurd. As if the girl was putting on everything that came to hand. But why did it become such a trendy thing in the summer 2019 season?

Important! There are a lot of options for the execution of the original clothes, but they all literally look like trousers with only one leg.

Model options

  • Some ladies decide on an elegant suit in the form of a dress that ends with one trouser leg . The second leg remains naked.
  • Others simply do not have one leg in jeans.
  • In the third, it is cropped by the type of shorts . Under such jeans put on flesh-colored tights.
  • Also known are models that were specially sewn without one leg . Although such an outfit looks like it was just that there wasn’t enough fabric to complete it.

The attitude towards half-pants

Many stars of show business, supporting a new trend, began to appear in such costumes on red carpet and concerts.

Celebrities and their fans are different

Important! With the help of a new trend, stars successfully manage to attract attention and again increase their popularity.

Fans actively discuss their costumes and regularly talk about whether they like it or not. It should be noted that not all fans understood and accepted such unusual costumes of stars . Many noted that half-pants on stage and in life look frankly ridiculous .


To make up your mind, see for yourself what an unusual model looks like, which the stars demonstrate.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi was the first to decide to use a similar technique in her costume. The famous model used this outfit to go on the red carpet in 2017, when it was not a trend.

A black panther appeared before the audience in a black one-piece suit that looked like a tailcoat turned on one shoulder with classic trousers.

The nuances of the outfit were one bare shoulder and one naked leg of the model, covered with a stocking in a large net. Then the stylists criticized the image of the model, noting that she "escaped from Halloween."

Important! It’s fair to say that it was Naomi Campbell’s suit that looked thought out and completed, unlike modern models that look like their outfits simply didn’t have time to finish or there wasn’t enough fabric to complete the work.

Jennifer Lopez

This season, many world stars have already entered the stage in similar outfits. The famous Jennifer Lopez appeared on the stage in a brilliant overalls, which lacked one leg.

Rita Ora

The British singer Rita Ora also decided to show off her attitude to fashion trends. She came to a concert in honor of the Socces Aid 2019 charity match in jeans, one leg of which was trimmed into short shorts . Under denim pants, the singer put on tight bodily tights.

Ryan Destiny

Another fan of the new trend was the young actress from the United States, Ryan Destini.

The girl went further and simply cut off one leg on the jeans to the waist . The actress put on all this beauty on a black body.

You can treat half-pants as you like. But it is worth recognizing that the new trend is really eye-catching . This is especially true of representatives of the opposite sex, who are given the additional opportunity to admire slender female legs! Even if so far only one of them ...

And how do you like this designer joke - to make half of your pants?