Guipure dresses 2019: new models

Guipure dresses have femininity and elegance. It’s not the first season that lace dresses are in trend. They can be used both in creating a daily image, and for special occasions.

What styles of dresses from lace 2019 exist?

Lace has long ceased to be elements of exclusively evening dresses. For this reason, the number of styles with guipure has increased significantly. Now almost every model has a lace variation.

With a full skirt

Styles with a full skirt are considered the trend of 2019. Many designers have used such models in their shows. With the help of a full skirt, you can create an image for a festive event. The style is quite playful, more suitable for young girls .

Short outfits with a full skirt look interesting. If you open your shoulders in such a dress, the ensemble becomes tender and sexy. A cut with a midi or mini length helps demonstrate slim legs. Curvy options are only suitable for slim girls .


Short dresses can be worn as casual wear. So in the warm season, a guipure outfit helps to create a light bow. Models of different colors are presented. For the summer, options that emphasize the tan - light tones or bright shades are best suited .

The style of the short dress can be any. A great option is a laconic A-silhouette. This model is suitable for everyday wear. And the "fuller" is more suitable for office style.

Mermaid Dress

A mermaid dress is a long, tight-fitting model that expands around the knees. The model is perfect for special occasions. Such a cut is often preferred by the bride. He looks elegant, restrained, but at the same time sexy.


A straight silhouette is considered universal, because it suits almost all women. Short options look better on slender girls. A model midi can safely choose ladies with curvaceous.


The case was represented by many designers in their collections in 2019. The style is distinguished by a fitted silhouette, the absence of a cut line. The outfit may have a side cut, deep neckline and a resistant collar. This option is suitable for any occasion (for the office, as an evening dress or everyday wear).

2019 guipure dresses for full

A dress made of guipure is not the most profitable option for full girls. The fabric may focus on being overweight. But this can be avoided if you choose the right style. It is also important to pay attention to the length of the model.

Prohibited items for full ladies:

  • Short skirt;
  • lush details;
  • open shoulders;
  • the presence of a line that divides the silhouette into two parts;
  • thin straps.

For full girls, the length should be medium. Maxi models are best excluded from your wardrobe . It is also forbidden to use lush options. Perfectly matched dress should mask the flaws of the figure. In any case, the image needs to be supplemented with high-heeled shoes. They will help visually stretch the silhouette.

Important! To hide full arms, you need to use medium-length lace sleeves in the image. However, they should not be skin-tight.

Volumetric hips and extra pounds on the stomach will help hide the style with a high waist. You can also use a cut in the shape of a trapezoid. The guipure must be tight so that the outfit keeps its shape in semi-fitted models.

It is important to emphasize the merits. So a beautiful neckline is formed thanks to a V-shaped neckline. Particular attention must be paid to the color of the outfit . Better to choose muted soft shades. There are many options for overweight women, the main thing when choosing to follow simple recommendations.

Newest 2019 Party Dresses 2019 Lace

A dress made of lace is always a delicate and feminine option, which in any case looks elegant, so it is ideal for special occasions. Lace patterns are often used as evening or wedding dresses.


For evening dresses, along with guipure, you can safely use satin and chiffon. Dresses for special occasions are usually performed in rich colors. Emerald, ruby, purple models look stylish. When creating an image, it is important not to forget about accessories, which will add a certain zest to the bow .

Important! Evening lace dresses are considered an unchanging classic. An outfit with guipure always looks solemn.

To graduation party

When choosing a dress for special occasions, a lace outfit can be a great option. For the prom, the image should be moderately restrained . Lace perfectly copes with this task. The style can be any, as well as the length. Exquisitely look at the floor model.


A cocktail dress with guipure is a symbol of restraint and tenderness. Popular in 2019 are considered to be the cut of the A-silhouette, fitted versions with the peplum, as well as the case. You can choose any style, the main thing is that it fits well on the figure, emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws.


Guipure dresses can often be seen on brides. The shade and style of the outfit can be any, but lace in any case perfectly complements the model. Thanks to him, the image acquires the necessary tenderness.

Popular styles of wedding dresses with lace in 2019:

  • Basque model
  • A-silhouette;
  • fitted version with bare shoulders;
  • outfit with a train.

Guipure can completely cover the dress or decorate a separate part of it. Only sleeves, a bodice or a train can be lace. These elements will add mystery to the image.