“Growing up” is beautiful: where to celebrate your 50th anniversary

The 50th anniversary is a high-profile event that you always want to meet with dignity. Woman in

at this age should remain active and agile, interested in fashion and

carefully monitor yourself. Do not record yourself as senior citizens and put on “grandmothers”

hoodies. A stylish and confident lady will definitely choose a dress correctly so that it

corresponded to age, but it did not look shapeless and unfashionable.

How to choose the color and style of an evening dress for a woman of 50 years?

To celebrate her "golden" anniversary, a woman must responsibly approach her appearance. The dress occupies one of the central places in the image. Here you need to understand that those outfits that looked good at 30 years old, for 50 will already be inappropriate.

Stylists advise to take into account the basic rules for the proper selection of holiday dresses:

  • the outfit should be made in a classic style;
  • the use of cheap decorative elements such as rhinestones, sequins, ruffles or bows is not allowed;
  • the length should be up to the knee or to the floor.

Important! If you choose a dress below the knee more than 6 cm, the legs will visually look

heavy and bulky.

Experienced stylists and fashion designers even made a small selection of tips for women.

with different types of shapes. So, for example, ladies with a perfect silhouette hourglass fit

almost any outfits. The fitted dresses with bright will look especially good

pronounced waistline. Straight-cut outfits with elegant look also


For women with wide shoulders and an “inverted triangle” silhouette, asymmetrical trapezoidal outfits or with a low waistline are great. They will help to divert attention from the broad shoulders and create additional volume of the lower body.

Women with a pear-shaped figure, voluminous hips and small breasts will look great in an A-line dress. They hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure, balancing the proportions of the body.

The figure "rectangle" requires emphasis. Dresses with a smell that will help to achieve the desired result are best suited. You can mark the waist with a thin strap from

genuine leather or purchase an outfit with a slightly high waistline.

The silhouette of the apple shape looks great in short retro dresses in the style of the 20s of the last century or in short evening dresses of a straight cut. It is important to choose the right dress with the appropriate neckline. It is better to abandon the round neck in favor of a concise triangular cut.

Modern stores offer a wide selection of evening dresses for women with any type of figure. Each lady can choose something suitable for her own holiday and look spectacular and attractive.

How to dress: selection of accessories and other tips

Tailor-made accessories will help to decorate any look, even if the simplest and most unremarkable dress has been chosen. The main thing is that they are combined with the selected outfit and harmoniously complement it.

Important! On the 50th anniversary, you need to look noble and elegant, so strict lines and elegant shapes are suitable.

A classic black clutch made of genuine leather will be a good option for a gala evening bag. It goes well with black "boats" at medium heels and perfectly complements any outfit.

You can pay attention to the elegant silk scarves. With this accessory you can easily drape the neckline and add a “twist” to a strict look. Do not get involved in too bright and colorful scarves, it is better to choose a small model of a neck scarf, aged in 2-3 matching shades.

Important! At 50, it is not customary to wear jewelry, it is better to give preference to precious

metals and stones. Great string of small pearls around the neck or small earrings look great

from gold or silver with precious and semiprecious stones.

A good substitute for jewelry can be a natural fur coat, a playful hat with a veil or long gloves. Stylists advise to try on these elegant accessories and diversify your wardrobe with everyday things.

The completion of an elegant look should be thoughtful neat hairstyle and makeup. You need to give preference to discreet shades, and collect hair in a "shell" or "bun", dissolve the curls, fastening them on the back of the head with a beautiful hair clip.

In general, the image of the hero of the anniversary should be quite strict, but refined and elegant. Without a lot of accents, but at the same time bright and original. Adhering to the classic style in clothes and accessories is the most correct tactic if you select your outfit yourself. At this age, a woman already has a pronounced sense of style and is able to choose the right outfit that matches the event.