“Goodbye King, Goodbye!” Karl Lagerfeld Dies

“How is it, Karl?” Is the first thought that appeared to many people after a message appeared on news feeds that Karl Lagerfeld was dead. People who value the present and sincere: in fashion, clothing, relationships, understand the magnitude of the loss.

Kaiser of the fashion world

We were contemporaries of a genius who became a legend. It is no accident that Iron Karl had another name - “Kaiser”: monarch, emperor .

Everything he touched turned into gold. Fashion houses Chanel and Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld Impression’s own fashion house, the maestro managed everywhere. And the result of his work became exclusive models, unique collections, success and worldwide fame.

This is not surprising. More than half a century of work in the fashion industry has made him an indisputable authority .

Karl Lagerfeld: moments of stellar life

  • Kaiser models with pleasure became Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Vanessa Paradis and other celebrities.
  • And not just celebrities! Porn actress and real strippers also showed off his collection in 1992. After all, provocation became an additional tool of Iron Karl . And it provided the result: it took only 2 weeks to sell products shown by unusual models.
  • Kaiser really loved life and knew how to make it rich and interesting . And he was interested in a lot: to make the world's most expensive sable fur coat for $ 1 million and create your own perfume, collect antiques and collect a library of 300 thousand volumes, become a famous photographer, open a bookstore, design interiors for villas in Dubai ... And that’s all it is he - Karl Lagerfeld.

On February 19, 2019, Kaiser's earthly life ended. Orphaned the main love of his life - the cat Shuppet. And all of us, with whom the maestro generously shared our ideas, making the world more beautiful and people happier.

He left, and from that day remained forever. Thanks for everything, Kaiser!