Gold, silver, bijouterie alloys - what is appropriate after 50?

The desire to look dignified and elegant is inherent in every woman, no matter how old she is. However, age dictates its limitations on outfits and accessories, and the older the lady, the more rigid they become. Having crossed the fifty-year milestone, many women are forced to abandon the usual jewelry and jewelry made of precious metals, believing that they are no longer of their age. Is it worth it, you will learn from the article.

Jewelry - to wear or not to wear for women over 50

Correctly selected decorations can give the image completeness to balance among themselves the rest of the toilet. In addition, some models due to the successful design can visually rejuvenate the lady, as well as make her more feminine. However, a poor selection of accessories can lead to the opposite effect.

What jewelry should be abandoned once and for all, having reached the age of fifty?

  1. First of all, you need to eliminate plastic Chinese consumer goods in your wardrobe. It is also a mistake to think that bright youth products of acid colors will make you younger. On the contrary, such “trinkets” create the image of a grandmother who “played with a girl”. Such a person looks ridiculous enough.
  2. It is undesirable to wear metal jewelry that frankly imitates jewelry.
  3. Be very careful about jewelry with rhinestones or gems ; they do not always look favorably on age persons.

What can a fifty-year-old lady afford?

Get a basic set of different, but interchangeable jewelry, suitable "in a feast, and in the world":

  • pearl earrings-cloves from both precious metals and bijouterie alloys;
  • medium-sized rings of precious metals;
  • earrings with precious stones and gems;
  • discreet jewelry with diamonds.

If the soul asks for bright accents, you should pay attention to products made of colored ceramics or identical materials. However, we should not forget that this kind of emphasis should be one in the image: in no case use sets of such jewelry.

Let's consider in more detail

Fearing to once again become the object of criticism, most women aged 50+ prefer to opt for classic gold or silver jewelry, in rare cases “condescending” to bijouterie alloys.

Such preferences justify themselves: it is from such jewelry that the very basic set that we talked about above is made up, however, jewelry also has its own charm.


Gold belongs to precious metals, and jewelry from it is called jewelry. Such products have always been an indicator of elegance. Due to the plasticity of gold, jewelry of various shapes and sizes can be made from it. However, in its pure form, this metal is not used for jewelry, in this case they make gold alloys with other elements, depending on which the gold acquires a conditional color:

  • yellow;
  • white;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • red.

The percentage of gold present in the alloy is called breakdown. The highest test for jewelry is 750, the most common is 585.

Despite the fact that gold jewelry is quite universal, there are a number of rules on how and where to put them on.

For an office style, the appearance of products must be restrained. In this case, they will look good:

  • small earrings - earrings;
  • discreet pendant on a thin chain;
  • narrow bracelet;
  • jewelry watches.

But a large number of gold items at the same time is a sign of bad taste, not only at work, but in moments of leisure.

For evening events, combine gold jewelry with clothes that do not have bright decor. Rhinestones, sequins, pearls - an occasion to abandon pendants or chains, as well as massive gold jewelry.

Inappropriate gold jewelry will look in the hospital, outdoors or in the pool. In such places only wedding rings are allowed.


Silver also belongs to noble (precious) metals, and products from it are considered jewelry. The undeniable appeal of silver products lies in their lower price compared to gold.

Silver in its pure form is also not used for the manufacture of jewelry, but its test in high-quality expensive products is much higher - 925. Products from this alloy are durable and resistant to external qualities (do not darken and retain their natural luster for a long time).

There are a large number of fakes of silver jewelry, so it is best to buy them in special jewelry stores.

This metal is appropriate for any situation. The requirements for silver accessories for ladies over fifty are not as strict as for gold products, but, nevertheless, they are.

Firstly, as in the case of gold, you need to have a sense of proportion in the number of jewelry. Do not do it:

  • put on many rings at once;
  • combine earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets in one look;
  • combine silver and gold products, as well as silver and jewelry.

Secondly, the rule of "small jewelry" also applies here, welcome:

  • earrings or small earrings with precious stones;
  • thin, small rings;
  • light bracelets;
  • use of one, maximum - two jewelry.

Silver, like gold, is allowed to be worn for work and for special occasions. It is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Bijouterie alloys

A cautious attitude towards jewelry alloys is dictated by the erroneous opinion that they are not suitable for respectable women. However, high-quality products from this kind of materials can compete with jewelry, bribing an attractive look, variety and affordability.

As a rule, tin is taken as the basis for such an alloy. Being a refractory and brittle metal in the absence of impurities, with the addition of other metals, it becomes plastic and suitable for the manufacture of all kinds of things - including jewelry.

However, in addition to tin, there are a number of metals used for bijouterie alloys:

  • copper gives the products a noble bronze color with a reddish tint “antique”;
  • brass - yellow-green or yellow-gray shade;
  • steel - metallic gray or imitation silver;
  • titanium alloys are silver, they are hypoallergenic and have a higher price than conventional jewelry.

It is forbidden to add lead to a bijouterie alloy, since the latter negatively affects the state of human health. The same ban is imposed on nickel due to its high allergenicity.

The main disadvantage of this kind of alloys is its reaction to the environment (oxygen, contact with the human body, detergents, cosmetics)

In this case, the product may lose its presentation: it will darken or “peel off”. However, alloys with a durable galvanic coating are devoid of such a “side effect”.

Coverage can be expensive:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • rhodium;
  • osmium;
  • palladium.


  • nickel;
  • copper;
  • brass etc.

As jewelry from such materials, not only earrings and rings are welcomed, but also:

  • brooches - choose them not only for the outfit, but try to harmonize the whole look as a whole, taking into account eye color and skin tone;
  • Decorative pins are an indispensable helper in the case when you need to adapt the outfit at your discretion: they will keep the fabric in the right area, allowing you to drape the problem areas, while also serving as a decorating element.

The jewelry allows you to often change the image, be noticeable and bright, each time replaying the wardrobe in a new way.

Jewelry for women after 50 - how to choose and wear

Trying to make the image perfect, the main thing is not to overdo it . Therefore, every lady of elegant age should objectively determine the maximum permissible jewelry that she can afford. A small ring and earrings will be enough for someone, and someone will confine themselves to a pendant or bracelet. In any case, it should be either jewelry or high-quality jewelry.

  • choosing earrings, in addition to “cloves”, pay attention to earrings-rings or earrings without pendants, with a decorative element located immediately under the earlobe;
  • brooches can be used not only for decorating clothes, but also hats, it’s also nice to fasten too wide a collar of blouses, hiding age-related changes in the neck;
  • hands often give out age, so you should think carefully whether to attract extra attention to them by putting on bracelets; however, if such a decision is made, limit yourself to a bracelet made of wood, stone, metal or even ceramic, but without bright decorating elements;
  • rings, if you have small hands, should be worn small: massive jewelry is suitable for large hands;
  • beads from pearls or its imitation is always a win-win option for ladies 50+; they can be worn of any length, putting on one or several threads, but do not forget: the larger the beads - the shorter the beads should be.

Divide all jewelry into solemn and everyday. Wear them accordingly: the first with evening dresses, the second every day.

As you can see, the choice of jewelry for ladies who have stepped over the fifty-year age mark is quite diverse. As in the case of choosing a wardrobe, the main condition for an ideal image is a sense of proportion, integrity and taking into account individual characteristics of appearance. Beating jewelry with the help of various little tricks given above, you can achieve originality and uniqueness of your style.