Glasses for fishing - how to choose

Any experienced fisherman knows that fishing on a hot sunny summer day is quite difficult, because not only direct sunlight, but also deceptive glare on the water surface interfere with the sight of a float or other tackle. In order to avoid this problem, most anglers use special polarizing glasses. This article will discuss how best to choose such glasses.

How to choose

In order to wisely approach the issue of choosing glasses with a polarizing filter, it is necessary to rely on several basic parameters. The list of these parameters is as follows:

  1. Frame material.
  2. Convenience.
  3. The color of the filter element.
  4. Lens material.

Basically, frames for fishing glasses are made of plastic and metal. The first is quite cheap and affordable, and the second has higher strength properties. As for the material from which the lenses are made, it can be polycarbonate or glass, and glass lenses often cost the buyer more than plastic ones.

Important! The fact that the “plastic” option is often cheaper than the “glass” one does not mean that plastic has no advantages compared to it. For example, it is much more resistant to damage and less traumatic for mechanical damage. In addition, the plastic is lighter, and during socks, the pressure on the nose is not so strong.

Particular attention must be paid to the color of the glass product. Brown, pink or yellow colors increase the contrast of the image, and gray or black provide the most reliable color reproduction.

Selection recommendations

Some unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes deceive customers by giving out glasses without a polarizing filter for the product with its presence. In order to check the presence of a filter, you need to look through the lens at the display of any smartphone, laptop or LCD TV, checking the color rendition. After that, the glasses must be rotated 90 degrees and again look through them on the screen. If the screen image is darkened, then the presence of a filter in the product can be considered confirmed.

Reference! Today, the most well-known manufacturers of polarizing glasses are Snowbee, Aqua and Tagrider.

As for the price, it can vary from 300 to 10 thousand rubles. Dear models are not necessarily better, and experts say that a really good model can be found in the price range of two thousand rubles.