Give a man a wallet around his neck - this is a new trend

Designers never cease to amaze with fashionable novelties! So, in the arsenal of men's accessories a new kind of wallet has appeared. Now it can be hung on the neck! If you want your man to look modern and fashionable - here's an idea for a gift. And we will tell you more about this accessory.

Models of men's wallets on the neck

Miniature wallets for men have not left fashion platforms for a couple of years.

Why is there a wallet on my neck?

This accessory can become a universal gift for a man. In such miniature products, it is convenient to keep cash, credit cards, movie tickets, house and car keys, a phone and other little things.

Important! The neck is the visible area that can be controlled.

Of course, the functionality of such products is not enough. If a person is used to carrying a full set of things with him in case of an apocalypse, then this handbag is unlikely to be useful to him. Therefore, before buying an expensive product, it is still worth weighing the pros and cons. Otherwise, the thing may turn out to be unclaimed and will remain idle for many years.


Designers offer different models of neck bags for men.


One of the pioneers of the trend can safely be called the young designer Simon Port Jacques. It was he who presented some of the interesting models in the spring-summer collection of Jacquemus Homme 2019.

The flashy purses and coin-shaped coin boxes on the cord instantly fell in love with the public and became a hit in street-style.

Flat with zipper

Both traditional flat forms and miniature products with a zipper are popular. The latter can be worn around the neck and thrown over the shoulder. This is exactly the method demonstrated to the world by creative director Pierpaolo Peccioli at the Valentino presentation.

As an envelope

Small leather envelopes appeared at Acne Studios.

Important! An effective and functional thing was a neon accessory made of high-tech material. He will be able to protect important items in the rain.

How to wear a wallet around your neck

In combination with other accessories and clothes, the wallet acts as an integral part of the male image .

The product in most cases has a convenient belt, which, depending on the model, can change its length.


The wallet can be worn over sweaters, shirts, t-shirts and light jackets .

It is much easier to combine laconic strict models with any onion. They can be worn with the following sets of clothes: shirt and shorts, linen suit, sports uniform .


Brighter models are suitable for design sweatshirts and parks . This accessory is indispensable for inveterate travelers. A man in shorts and a purse around his neck can often be found on the seashore.

Many people still relate to such a thing with a share of irony. They perceive it as an opportunity to create a boring image.

Attention! A wallet on the neck can be found in the collections of spring-summer 2020 Dior Homme, Jacquemus Homme, Valentino menswear.


The classic model is simple enough to fit into the business image and everyday life. Unlike belt models, the novelty will not give out a hipster in a person.

However, it is better not to wear such a thing for strictly formal events . For example, at a board of directors or a meeting of shareholders, colleagues are unlikely to appreciate it. The thing is quite catchy and attracts curious looks.

But at a party, in a movie, at a meeting with friends, you can easily wear it with a costume .

Important! Remember that throwing such an accessory on your shoulder is just as inappropriate as throwing a tie on your shoulder.

Many fashion critics consider the new trend one of the most obscure. However, men's wallets are one of the main attributes of the wardrobe of the stronger sex, an indicator of status and affluence. The novelty will clearly appeal to lovers of variety and fashion trends.