The girl made a wedding dress from boiled toilet paper

Today I want to talk about hard work, imagination and perseverance. Suffering from depression, someone seizes stress with cakes or pills, someone begins to get involved in philosophical movements, and someone begins to engage in a new business for himself, striking people around him with inexhaustible fiction!

How it all began

A housewife from America was depressed for a long time. She was treated with different methods, stubbornly struggling with an unpleasant disorder, but nothing saved. Modern clinics and experienced doctors could not help her. Life did not please, turning into a series of gray everyday life with a dull schedule. The family suffered, not seeing the lumen in a protracted illness.

The turning point was the usual television show . How then to claim that the TV is only degrading ?! One of the American programs announced a special competition for housewives. Its conditions were quite simple: you need to create something with your own hands from available materials. The organizers did not put any special restrictions, relying on the imagination of the participants and the originality of the ideas.

Patience and labor will grind everything

The old Russian proverb is relevant anywhere in the world, even in the distant United States of America! A woman who is in a prolonged depression decides to make a wedding dress for the contest. The material was not fabric, not gauze, and not even old newspapers, but plain toilet paper.

The idea of ​​such dresses is not new. The first elegant paper dresses appeared in the Japanese city of Kamakura in the 12th century AD. According to the technology of "tailoring" they resembled modern carving of snowflakes before the New Year. Interestingly, only rich ladies could afford such a luxury!

She thoroughly got down to business! For several months in a row there was a constant purchase of toilet rolls. Each roll was boiled. Then boiled paper had to be broken into a homogeneous mass. At this stage, a mixer helped the housewife. There was still water in the resulting mass, so the next difficult stage came - filtering. Excess moisture was removed by a strainer, trying to squeeze it out of the water as much as possible.

The resulting mass went to sculpting. In the most thorough manner, a frame was molded like a corset. Layer after layer of paper to form the base. It’s hard to imagine how much patience it took! Each layer requires time to cool and set, and one extra movement can cross out the work of several days. To decorate, the American chose flowers. She also sculpted them from squeezed toilet paper! Patterns were formed using specially prepared stencils.

World famous designers used paper material for original models. For example, Julian Tomchin made one-time outfits for less than $ 2 apiece. Christian Dior created paper sweaters, and John Galliano sewed an evening dress from old newspapers. The archives preserved photos of the Beatles in paper suits.

Who has won

In the process of creativity, a woman noted how depression gradually recedes. The grayness of the days was painted in bright colors, and the family rendered invaluable support. Children noticed positive changes in the health of their mother and volunteered to become helpers. They created a family contract united by a common affair and completed the titanic work by joint efforts. In total, the work took several months!

The photos show with naked eye that the jewelry work has been done. The wedding dress turned out to be a pleasant peach color with a delicate white pattern in the form of luxurious flowers. The model is distinguished by its original asymmetry: it is short in the front and a long train in the back . A fabulous creation with thoughtful details fell in love with judges and many people around the world who saw this miracle created by the hands of an ordinary woman.

What is the trick?

How then could they put on the dress and show the judges? Why didn’t it fall apart at home, before the trip to the studio? I wondered for a long time what the secret of success was and how to create real clothes from plain paper. It turns out that the casket just opened! I remembered school years and labor lessons, papier-mâché came to mind. Indeed, this old method of boiling paper waste gives an amazing effect after solidification. Masks, dolls and even home decoration are molded from the mass! Paper just seems like a weightless thing. Folded in several layers, it is able to show miracles of strength. Studying the papier-mâché technique, we can conclude: it is likely that glue participated in the process of cooking the material for the dress, but the official story is silent about this. Perhaps enough layering.

The story of an American housewife is a worthy example of how people do not give up. Depression is not a sentence! If traditional methods do not help, new solutions must be sought. Belief in oneself, one's strengths, and family is able to work miracles, opening the world from an unexpected angle.