Gift from husband: 55,000 dresses

The German Paul Brockman found a unique way to prove his love for his wife . Over 55 years of marriage, he gave his wife Margot 55, 000 dresses. Any fashionista and celebrity will envy the number. Let us consider in more detail this amazing story.

Spouses 56 years together

The man received the first ten dresses for free, working in the seaport in Bremen . By law, every worker could choose any product from damaged bales. He presented the dresses to his girlfriend, and after a while he asked for her hands. The parents of the bride agreed on the condition that the newlyweds make every effort to move to America.

In the United States, things went well: Paul got a job as a builder and soon created his own company. The couple has been together for 56 years, and Paul continues to delight his beloved.

Reference! Paul and Margot met during the dance. From that day, according to the man, he began to make gifts.

Dress at a time

Paul believes that the same dress should never be worn twice . He bought and chose each model independently. Interestingly, Margot never liked shopping . One of the most expensive acquisitions cost $ 300. It, like many others, was never worn. In general, about 1.5 million dollars were spent on the man’s purchases, and he does not regret anything.

Attention! With the help of mathematical calculations, it is easy to calculate that on the day Margo receives three dresses. About a thousand pieces a year.

Where to store 55, 000 dresses?

Such an impressive wardrobe will not fit in any cabinet. Clothing was located in an old garage with an area of ​​4000 square meters. m. When he stopped holding things, the spouses had to partially fold them in storage boxes.

The man was afraid to admit his acquaintance in his habit of giving dresses to his wife, and always said that she sews a lot. Now this story has become available to the masses.

Children reaction

Surprisingly, their children did not even know about the existence of such a rich collection of clothes. They were very surprised when they accidentally stumbled upon an open garage door. Daughter Louise decided to put all things in order: equipped a warehouse, built locker rooms, and began to invite people to shop.

Now, after 56 years, due to poor health and low material well-being of the spouses, the collection is up for sale. For a month, it is possible to sell about three things, which is $ 2, 200.

The dress makes every woman more beautiful and elegant. If love could be measured in dresses, it is obvious that Paul Brockman would be called the most loving husband in the world.