Getting ready for a vacation trip: how to dress in a train, bus, car

Long journeys present their clothing requirements. The main condition in this case is convenience. A person should feel comfortable and cozy, being for long hours, and maybe days, on a trip. Properly selected clothes can provide a pleasant and comfortable journey, even if the path is not close.

How to dress on a train

Rail trips have a special atmosphere. It is unlikely that anyone will remain indifferent to traveling by the window with a cup of tea and flickering landscapes outside the window. But all the romance can quickly go down, if you pick up uncomfortable clothes.

Important! Particular attention before the trip must be paid to the temperature and take into account the weather in the place where the traveler is going. This will help determine which clothing will be most comfortable.


In summer, the train is likely to be too hot and stuffy. In this case, you need to choose things from natural, breathable materials.

Great options are:

  • shorts and a shirt made of cotton or linen;
  • light cotton dress, not restricting movements;
  • spacious sports pants made of light material and top .

Be sure to choose products that allow good air permeability, allowing the body to breathe . In addition, the fabric from which the product is sewn must be non-wrinkled. Then, on a long trip, the passenger will be able to sit quietly or even lie down.

From heat to cold

If you plan to travel from a warm region to an area where it is noticeably colder, you need to take care of warm clothes in advance . Moreover, it must be folded into a separate bag and kept with you so that you can easily change clothes upon arrival at the place. And pack unnecessary things in the same bag.

Important! Experienced travelers are advised to take care of thermal underwear. Due to the sharp temperature difference and the inability to quickly acclimatize, you can easily catch a cold. Thermal underwear will help keep you warm and stay healthy.

For a night's sleep

Provided that a long trip with an overnight stay is expected, you need to take care of comfortable shoes and a sleeping suit .

Remember to grab your favorite pajamas and comfortable slippers or even slippers. So on the road you will feel as comfortable as possible, and time will fly by quickly.

In winter

If the trip occurred in the cold season, sportswear or home suits, pajamas are best. Do not forget about socks and slippers.

Important! Today, many cars are well heated. You should consider a multi-layer option so that you can remove the top of the tracksuit and stay in a T-shirt or t-shirt.

How to dress to feel comfortable in a road trip

A bus or a car involves a long stay in one position, especially if the trip is long. To feel as comfortable as possible, you need to choose loose-fitting clothing and the most comfortable shoes.

Clothing requirements

Clothing should not :

  • put pressure on the body, be too tight;
  • fetter movement;
  • impede oxygen supply ;
  • out of season .

Important! The bus makes periodic stops on the way so that passengers can stretch themselves. Consider the option of attire, so as not to feel discomfort, leaving the cabin and returning to the place.

Bad options

Massive jewelry, products with metal decorative inserts should be avoided . So, for example, a large belt buckle can significantly ruin the entire trip.

In addition, provocative necklines and short skirts and shorts for girls will be completely inappropriate on the trip.

What to take on the road

Loose trousers or elongated shorts, as well as cotton T-shirts and T-shirts will give you maximum comfort.

Jacket or cardigan

Do not forget about a warm jacket or cardigan . Such a thing must be taken with you, even in the heat. Modern air conditioners in the salons of cars and buses can reduce the temperature to uncomfortable. If necessary, you can put a cardigan on your shoulders and continue your journey in warmth and comfort.

Compression Products

For people with impaired vascular system should take care of special underwear . On a trip, you must buy compression socks, stockings or tights for special purposes . Otherwise, legs from prolonged sitting in one place may swell, and the traveler will feel unwell.

Comfortable shoes

You should also take care of comfortable and free shoes . It is necessary to take into account the inability to warm up on a trip. A prolonged stay in one position can lead to swelling of the lower extremities.

Important! Shoes should not squeeze the foot. The best choice would be sneakers, slip-ons or espadrilles that sit freely on the foot.

On any trip, it is better to choose the usual clothes in which you can freely move without disturbing other passengers with open parts of the body. The trip will be pleasant and pass quickly if the wardrobe is selected wisely.