Full skirts: what to choose to look attractive

A woman always wants to be elegant and attractive, regardless of the shape of her body. But sometimes, considering herself fat and ugly, she tries to hide her magnificent forms, choosing tasteless and shapeless hoodies instead of skirts. Or maybe you should not do this? Let's discuss.

Shapes for full

A silhouette flared from the hip, an oversized waistline, coquette to the hips, a stylish midi length - all these are models that can successfully hide the fullness of the figure and at the same time emphasize its feminine features.

Skirts with a small cut in the front, in the form of a trapeze with inserts at the waist and other interesting details, will look good on a full woman.

  • Important! The model, expanding downward, will divert curious eyes from the size of the waist and hips, focusing on charming legs.

The only condition: that with such a style, the top should be correctly selected.

A pencil is stylish

A pencil skirt will look good on a full woman, but she should not tightly fit the figure . A straight cut with a slightly narrowed hem and a length just below the knee will give harmony, it is beneficial to highlight the buttocks, pulling up the stomach.

Advice! The model will slim even more if fabric inserts are made along the waist and side seams - contrasting or darker than the main color.

A blouse with a light drapery or a tight top can complement this outfit. Throwing a jacket or jacket on top, you can go to work or to a gala event. It is important not to forget about high-heeled shoes that will help emphasize the slimness of the figure.

Tulip will add harmony

A suitable model for a woman of magnificent shapes can be a tulip skirt with high waist and knee-length.

Such a style will visually make a woman slimmer, her legs will look longer, and the whole figure will seem more balanced.

With this style, you can wear a light shirt tucked in, or a top up to the waist . A jacket or jacket draped over the top to emphasize harmony, it is better to leave unfastened.

Important! If you want to lengthen your legs, pick up shoes and tights of the same color.

Direct Model - Timeless Classics

I want to pay attention to the old classic version. When the skirt slightly fits the figure and has a flat bottom with a slit and a zipper, this is beneficial for ladies with lush hips.

The most suitable length is just below the knee . The skirt can be trimmed with decorative stitching or small pleats on the bottom.

The belt emphasizes the waist, making the body slim. This is especially good for owners of a pear-shaped figure.

In this case, a plain top with a shallow neckline and pumps will look effective.

Skirt pants: fashionable and comfortable

If a full woman has sufficient growth, then it will be advantageous to look at a skirt-pants. Such a style delicately conceals pomp in the waist and hips, giving the figure softness and femininity .

Cascading folds visually stretch the figure, making it more slim.

Advice! For work, it is better to sew such a skirt from a dense knitted fabric in black. And for relaxation, you can use any lightweight tissue.

You can wear a skirt with a top, blouse, tight-fitting shirt, throwing an elegant jacket on top. It is important to note that the product must be sized exactly .

Important! Short girls should choose a knee-length skirt. Excessive length can emphasize the shapelessness of the figure and visually add completeness.

Godet is trending again

One cannot help but recall the year. The model is suitable for ladies of high stature and allows you to turn the existing imperfections of the figure into advantages.

Important! Make sure that the upper part fits around the hips, and the flared bottom hides the chubby legs, creating a proportional silhouette.

A flying bottom will emphasize the harmony of the legs. It is better to choose a long skirt that will add growth. Another option is midi to the narrowest point of the foot.

You can wear a one-year skirt with blouses, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters or cardigans . In such a skirt, you can seductively look at any event! But don't forget about heeled shoes!

Trapeze - style for tall

I almost forgot about another interesting type of skirt. This is a trapezoid. The silhouette should gently hug the body, subtly expanding to the level of the knees.

Such a style favorably hides the hips, and the figure looks more elongated .

A model with a high waist will make you even slimmer. Lightweight fabrics are best for her. The length may be different, but for women of short stature, it is better to avoid length below the knee .

It is good if your wardrobe has a fitted blouse with a jacket or a loose-fitting shirt.

How not to make a mistake with coloring

Having chosen a style, you also need to carefully choose the right color.

If you are thinking about choosing a skirt for work, then it is better to dwell on a restrained version. Bright or pastel colors are suitable for a walk or a special occasion.

It is important not to experiment with the size of the picture! Prints of medium size and, preferably, with a floral theme or abstract will look winning .

Most likely, they can emphasize the harmony of a full girl in straight pastel-colored skirts: shades of gray, blue and brown, matte shades of dark green, dark violet, dark blue and dark cherry.

Having a full figure, one should not flirt with models with embroidery, very small or, conversely, large patterns, stripes located across the width of the fabric.

Important! Checked fabric can decorate a full girl if the skirt is cut obliquely.

What you should not wear full women

Unfortunately, there are many bans for lovers of skirts. Owners of magnificent forms should pay attention to them.

It is better not to have in your wardrobe:

  • skirts made of thick fabrics;
  • knitted;
  • with a low waist, as well as styles of the "bell" type;
  • very short skirts, with pleats and pleated from the waist;
  • light-colored trouser skirts;
  • products from shiny fabric and leather;
  • models too tight silhouette;
  • products with large elements (shuttlecocks, fringe, large patch pockets, bows and rope belts).

Completeness is not a reason to complex! Instead, find your skirt that will make you look amazing!