Fuchsia color combination in clothes

A mixture of pink and purple gives an unusual shade - fuchsia. It is a flashy and accent color that many girls avoid. But with proper selection of the shade and combination in the image, any girl can afford to wear this color.

Shades of fuchsia

Like any color, fuchsia has many shades. But for separation, it is enough to highlight 4 main shades:

  • Violet;
  • fuchsia;
  • pink;
  • red.

Each of these shades can be darker and muffled or light pastel. This facilitates the selection of colors for your own type.

Who is suitable and who is not?

There are no girls to whom this color would not suit . Depending on the saturation and shade, it will emphasize the tanned skin, give it freshness, make the image more elegant or, conversely, business.

For girls with rich dark hair and fair skin, a pink shade of fuchsia and rich purple shades are suitable. Brunettes can use even neon shades of fuchsia or shades close to ink.

Violet or plum fuchsia is suitable for red-haired girls with green or chestnut eyes.

Owners of dark or tanned skin can safely use classic fuchsia in their wardrobe.

Fair-skinned girls and blondes should not use such flashy and deep tones. A calmer pink will suit them. Perhaps the use of a muted gray-violet color, which smoothly turns into lavender.

It is believed that fuchsia, because of its brightness, is suitable only for young girls. But women of age should not avoid it. If in doubt, for starters, you can use more muted and calm shades to get used to the new image, gradually adding rich colors.

However, all these rules are considered general; trying to choose clothes of this color is important. If the clothing or accessory is far from the face, then any, even the brightest shade of fuchsia is acceptable.

What colors can be combined and how to do it right

In order not to look ridiculous, stylists advise diluting fuchsia with contrasting or calm basic colors.

One of the unusual combinations and at the same time natural ones is green and fuchsia. A bright pink dress will look appropriate with shoes or a bag of green. If you want contrast, you can use a green jacket or sweater. For a more relaxed look, shades of fuchsia are combined with khaki. A suit of saturated green and a pink blouse are suitable for the working version.

A combination of fuchsia and gray will be a win-win . This duo is suitable for both the work environment and for everyday looks. Dark gray will make the image noble, it can be used as trousers or a raincoat. Silver or light shades will make the image playful and suitable for the summer mood in clothes.

Black with fuchsia look festive and solemn. For an everyday look, pink is better to lower from the face to the lower part of the body, and on top pick up a black jacket or top. Additionally, any black and pink gold jewelry set will decorate.

Shades of fuchsia look with blue . At first glance, this combination seems strange, but classic jeans with a purple jacket will look stylish and bright. If there is doubt in the combination of these two colors, you can use more muted tones of blue, turquoise and aquamarine. Since both of these colors are considered vibrant, in the image, one of them should be dominant.

In a pair of white and fuchsia, it is desirable to use white as the main color and complement it with pink accessories, shoes or details. This is almost a win-win combination, so it’s difficult to make a mistake here.

For courageous girls who are not afraid of experiments, there is also a bright red. Do not be afraid to combine these two close colors in your appearance. This option looks stylish if completed with bodily boats and a bag. But for work or long walks, the pink-red combination is not suitable - it quickly tires your eyes.

Yellow and pink also look bright, but it is better to use this combination only at a young age and with pastel shades of fuchsia.

Fuchsia is also combined with metallic or leopard print. In the first case, the image is more suitable for an evening or a holiday. And the combination of a leopard blouse with a pink skirt is also suitable for everyday walks.

What and where to wear

Despite its brightness, clothes of this color can be used for any occasion. Bright pink shades in skirts and dresses are suitable for the girl’s summer wardrobe. Those who work in the office and are limited by the dress code can use blouses and sweaters in matching shades of pink. At the same time, you can always add a purple blouse with jeans or a flying skirt and get a feminine look for an evening walk.

Dresses from flowing fabric are suitable for the festive event.

Stylists do not advise buying purple clothes, which have a complex cut and an abundance of decor. This color is self-sufficient and does not need additional decoration.


Fuchsia need not be used only in clothing. Pink can be accented in the image in the form of jewelry, bags or shoes.

First of all, pay attention to pink shoes. It should be feminine shoes, preferably with high heels. If sandals are pink, it is better to buy with thin straps and without a weighting wedge. Such bright shoes fit even into a laconic duet of jeans and a loose blouse and make it interesting.

Instead of shoes, bags with a bright print are suitable. They are also better to use in more relaxed combinations: to a suit, a neutral dress or with jeans. The bag should have a concise design, clear shapes and be without additional decor.

Fuchsia is a bright and unusual color. But do not be afraid of him and consider it vulgar. Pink in its various shades gives the image of femininity and rejuvenates. If there is uncertainty in the color, it’s enough to start by buying bright shoes and a bag and composing several images with them.