Fresh look at an old sweater

In almost every house you can find an old sweater that has already served its own. For some reason, it is no longer worn. Children's knitted blouses usually fail when the kids grow out of them. Women's, because they go out of fashion. Male, because they are hatched, stretched or fade. Should they be thrown away or try to give them a second chance and make something worthwhile of them?

IMPORTANT : not every sweater is suitable for reusing it. It is best if the item is made of natural fibers, such as sheep’s wool, mohair, alpaca, llama, camel hair. But you can find application and synthetic sweaters.

15 fresh ideas

Here's what you can do from knitwear that has served its term.

Warm socks and leggings

Of course, most thought that in order to get warm socks from an old sweater, you would need to dissolve it. And from the obtained threads to tie new ones. But the fact is that it is a long time, and besides, not everyone has knitting skills. Therefore, the advice will be different. To take off the sleeves of the old thing. Unscrew them and sew the edge of the elastic (cuff) - this will be the place for the fingers. To align the top, you just have to tuck the edge and sew it up.

Funny pillows

Making pillows from a sweater does not present any difficulty. It is necessary to gently unfold the thing at all seams, take the front and rear halves. Measure on them the dimensions of the future pillow. After that, fold the halves facing each other and stitch or flash manually. Leave a hole to add filler to the pillow. Then sew up the hole. The finished product can be decorated, for example, with buttons.

The pillow in the form of a cylinder will look original. Also, if the sweater has a polo closure or it is a button down jacket, then the pillow can be made so that the fastener will be in the middle of the pillow, at the same time forming its decor.

Laptop case

You can make a case for a laptop or tablet. To do this, you just need to put the gadget on a sweater in order to measure the dimensions. Then carefully cut (if necessary) the necessary parts and sew them in such a way that the device fits inside. You can make a cap directly on top for convenience. By the way, a knitted case can protect the glass from scratches better than anything else.

A bracelet

For a bracelet, it is better to dissolve the product and weave the jewelry from the resulting threads. These can be completely different techniques, from macramé to weaving braids.


I want to warm my hands in warm and soft mittens - it is not necessary to run to the store and buy new ones. Spend quite a bit of time and create your own mittens with a unique design in a simple pattern. No one will definitely have such.

A bag

From a sweater, you can make either a regular rectangular bag or a bag bag. From the old men's pullover of a large size, you will get an trendy oversized bag-bag.


Lampshade is easy. If there is a lamp, then for this it is necessary to remove the dimensions from it. Measure the height, and then measure the length of the lower and upper bases with a flexible meter. As a rule, the scan is obtained in the form of a trapezoid. After the sizes are taken, it will be enough only to transfer them to the open old sweater. Carefully stitch the side seams and decorate the edges with any border that will hide the bumps.

ATTENTION : the lampshade must be protected from overheating, which will exclude it from fire. To do this, you can pull the knitted cover over the old one, which is made in the factory.

Sleeping place for a pet

For your pet you can sew a good couch. It is enough to take and sweep the sleeves of the sleeves so that they form one. Then sew the bottom hole and carefully sew this part to the sleeves closed around.

Clothes for dog, cat

For dogs, especially for small ones, warm winter clothes are very relevant. To make it with your own hands it will be enough to find a pattern on the Internet that is suitable in size. Transfer it to a sweater, cut it and sew it. The outfit for the pet is ready.


The rug can be made in different, completely different ways. You can dissolve the product and knit the rug from the threads with both a hook and knitting needles. And you can cut pieces of different shapes from old colorful sweaters and then sew them together. If things were different in color and texture, then you get a rug in the patchwork style.

Gift wrap

Sweater can be used non-standard. It is easy to make a gift wrapping out of it.

IMPORTANT - take into account the fact that the size of the gift should not exceed the parameters of the knitted product. By the way, you can make packaging for a bottle from a sweater. If you decorate it, then there will be a real exclusive decor.

Dress or skirt

In this option, it will be possible to use an old thing that has not lost its appearance, that is, the threads are not stretched or shed. After that, determine the style of the skirt. As a rule, a straight short skirt is performed, which will fit the figure tightly. Next, you need to make sure that the material of the sweater is just enough for the skirt. Therefore, it is advisable to make at least the most approximate pattern and attach it to the parts of the previously-torn thing. After that, carefully close the edges so that they do not open and sew the parts.


From the sleeves of the sweater, in addition to socks and leggings, you can create a wonderful warm version of slippers. Only here you need something that can serve as an excellent basis for the insole.

Scarf hat

For a scarf, you can take it as a sleeve - it will make a small compact scarf from it. And you can take the halves of the sweater and sew them together so that a vicious circle forms. Then a beautiful scarf snood will come out.


Toys, like a rug, can be made of loose threads. To do this, you need to have crochet or knitting skills. But you can also make a toy from a ready-made knitted cloth of the old thing. It is enough to decide on the model of the toy. Buttons and threads with a needle will also be needed.