Flared Leggings - Fashion 2019/20

Flattering leggings are the fashion trend of 2019, rapidly gaining popularity. This was proved by the collections of famous couturiers, offering a variety of color and style models.

Flared leggings in all shades 2019/20

As you know, fashion is cyclical. Many remember the bright outfits of the ABBA group and other stars. In the 2019/20 period, 1970s-style leggings return . To remain indifferent to them is unlikely to succeed. After all, the variety of shades is simply amazing. In addition, leggings allow you to create not only comfortable, but also a spectacular bow.

Classic - black color

Black will never go out of style. It is easily combined with other shades of the color palette, which allows you to create concise combinations. Black flared leggings will always be appropriate in the wardrobe of a business woman, adding a peculiar zest to the image. High-heeled shoes will add effect and completeness. They are successfully combined with many things:

  • with warm sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans;
  • with t-shirts, blouses and shirts;
  • with jackets;
  • with outer clothing fitted silhouette.

Such models are universal for any season and situation. For example, you can wear a trench coat or coat, and put a scarf on top. It is easy to compose a sophisticated evening bow using silk blouses and tops, as well as spectacular jewelry. The choice of top in style is also diverse. You can safely wear both a tight-fitting and a loose blouse.

Important! Flared black leggings can afford girls of completely different complexions, because they visually make the hips slimmer and lengthen the legs. The main volume tends down the leg.

Stylish color "leopard"

The relevance of animal colors is actively discussed by fashion critics. Of course, the “ leopard” is in the trend of the season. Flared models in this color will look spectacular in combination with more muted shades of the top. For example, “leopard” can be combined with beige, white and black, dark purple. Perfect combination with brown. And the deeper and richer this color, the better.

Leggings go well with both high-heeled shoes and sporty styles. Leopard costumes are also relevant. For example, you can choose a short coat or jacket of the same color as leggings.

Such an unusual print will immediately catch your eye. Therefore, accessories and other details should be more restrained, strict and concise. Brave girls can experiment with red . However, you need to be careful that the image does not turn out to be vulgar and defiant.

Attention! When choosing a model with an animal print, it is important to remember that they sit well only on figures with ideal parameters.

Slit Flared Leggings

You can come up with the most extraordinary bow with the help of flared leggings with cuts to the knees. The model successfully combines with shirts and cardigans, including a plaid. In this image, it is difficult to go unnoticed.

As shoes in the cool season, it is better to use short boots or heeled ankle boots of different heights so that the legs can be seen. In summer, stilettos and open sandals with straps look spectacular.

The style is suitable for many women, regardless of age and figure. Flared leggings with slits will create an incredibly feminine and sophisticated look in which you can go on a romantic date, an everyday walk and even work. Buttons or zippers along the cut line are popular. Thus, at any time, the cutout can be opened, closed or resized.

Checked fabrics

Along with animal prints, the cage remains at the peak of its popularity. Flared leggings did not stand aside. They are appropriate to combine with any elements of clothing. However, things should be selected especially carefully so as not to accidentally emphasize the flaws of the figure. The cage is considered a universal print, appropriate in any image and style. In such leggings you can feel comfortable both at a business meeting and in a nightclub.

Designers loved the cell so much that they created dozens of motifs. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the size of the print. Large squares can make a girl a few centimeters lower.

For more complete girls, stylists are advised to opt for small-cell models . Owners of a slender figure fit any option. The top, of course, should be plain . Accessories can be catchy.

Reference! In order to keep up with fashion trends, stylists strongly recommend purchasing this unique piece of clothing. With a skillful approach, he will successfully fit into any everyday look.

Original orange flared leggings

Bright and trendy orange leggings are perfect for spring and summer. Of course, this is a unique opportunity to add a trendy item to your wardrobe. Owners of a flat tummy can afford to wear cropped shirts and tops with such leggings. As a top, it is better to use neutral beige shades, or saturated emerald, burgundy, brown.

With flared leggings in your wardrobe, you can create many unique looks. They will emphasize the elegance of female legs, as well as add extravagance. The color palette can be selected according to your own taste. The main thing is that there is harmony in the image.