Five reasons not to wear leather after 50

A woman should remain feminine at any age. Probably, in their youth, every representative of the fair sex had at least one thing made of leather:

  • Jacket;
  • Skirt;
  • Pants / leggings;
  • Dress;

However, there are five reasons why skin should not be worn after 50 years.

Why you should refuse skin

Reason 1. The most important and compelling reason is that the skin ages a woman. Elegant leather trousers and skirts look spectacular on girls under 30. For older ladies, leather should be taboo - due to its rude appearance, it adds age, even if the woman's figure has remained the same as she was at 20 years old. And if the figure is already not at all model, then leather products are only more strongly emphasized.

Reason 2. Leather is a rather specific material and things from it are not always appropriate. If there is a very great love for the skin, then it is better to leave it for bags and shoes. Ladies aged in leather things will look somewhat vulgar. Stylists believe that a woman in skin for 50 years is an attempt to seem younger. They also recommend paying attention to other women and analyzing whether a thing suits them or not. In addition, this is not a classic version of clothing and is not suitable for everyday wear.

Reason 3. Genuine leather always follows the shape of the body, and this is rarely suitable for women of age. Not everyone wants people to see ears on their hips or buttocks, which does not have a beautiful shape and elasticity, right? Jackets, however, must be chosen with great care: so that they are not cramped or baggy. Manufacturers of leather clothes rarely focus on the audience of middle-aged and older buyers: mainly such clothes are sewn for young girls.

Reason 4. Genuine leather, although strong, but the body in it will not breathe. Tightness and profuse sweating will not have the best effect on our own skin. Why, after 50 years, wear uncomfortable clothes? And if the skin is not natural, then there are even more shortcomings in it. By the way, a natural product simply cannot be cheap. So why spend money if you can buy much more comfortable textile trousers, a dress or a skirt, which will also look better and emphasize the figure?

Reason 5. Men do not like such clothes on women. If a young girl in a leather dress is attractive to men, then an adult woman in the same dress is categorically not. On a subconscious level in men, black or brown skin is associated with the nature of a cat, a whip or a red rubber ball. Some men also note that leather clothing might have looked appropriate, but it is very difficult to combine with other wardrobe items, and most women do not know how to do it.

Reference! All of the above does not mean at all that all leather products should be discarded: it is appropriate to have a well-chosen jacket, leather belt, bag or genuine leather shoes in your wardrobe.