The first hijab and burkini to become a model

Do you like fashion shows? Do you dream to look as perfect as the representatives of the modeling business? Halima Aden proved that the hijab only emphasizes the natural feminine beauty.

New Star - USA Model Halima Aden

The personal life of this modest Somali is hidden from prying eyes. It is known that the place of her birth was a camp on the border of Kenya and Somalia. In 2005, Halima moved with her parents to the United States. She is a regular participant in activities to protect Muslim women.

Her height is 167 cm. She is fond of jogging and hiking. Studying at a university in American Minnesota.

Aden on the catwalk of the famous couturiers.

According to the editor-in-chief of Allure magazine Michelle Lee, the image of Aden surprisingly echoes the typical America and its diverse culture. This opens up the prospect of introducing a new standard of beauty to society.

Becoming the star of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Halima Adams once again confirmed her title as an American supermodel.

A Kenyan beach was chosen as a picturesque place for a photo shoot, where a sophisticated beauty appeared in dresses traditional for Muslim women.

This miraculously fulfilled Halima’s childhood dream - shooting for a fashion magazine in the most beautiful place in Kenya.

Victory in the Miss Minnesota Contest in the USA

For the first time, they started talking about the girl after she appeared in the hijab at the Miss Minnesota pageant. Then Adams was only 19 years old, and she was the first to show the world the traditional outfit on the catwalk.

After reaching the semifinals, Halima was spotted at the IMG agency. Now she is not just a successful model of the international class, but a fighter with the standards of beauty imposed on society .

Crossing out the fashionable canons at once, the African appeared before the jury not in a bathing suit, like everyone else, but in a closed burkini, wearing a hijab. Thus, Aden showed the whole world: the natural female beauty does not require exposure of the body.

According to the top model herself, she made her choice out of love for her mother, to be like her and to feel religious motives.

Photoshoots in various magazines

Halimu Aden became famous for showing Kanye West at New York Fashion Week . After which she was immediately invited to act in film for the July issue of the famous “Allure”.

Debuting at the 2016 model show in the Yeezy season 5 show wrapped in a scarf and a long fur coat, Halima continued her triumphal march in the fashion world.

She got on the cover of the famous Vogue magazine :

The well-known model is a follower of a healthy lifestyle and successfully acts in the projects of IMG Models .

In her role as a model, one can note the shooting for the CR Fashion Book magazine.

Aden showed off the clothes of Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda (Moda Fall-Winter 2018 collection).

The editor of Sports was immediately struck not only by the unusual beauty of the girl, but also by her wonderful ability to inspire people around. In addition to excellent external data, it has extraordinary internal qualities.

Inherent in her: a sharp mind, great enthusiasm and almost childlike sincerity.

He called Aden one of the most beautiful girls of our time.

Important! The hijab photoshoot clearly emphasized how confident a woman in a closed outfit feels. And her beauty absolutely does not fade before nudity in an open bikini.

From now on, young Muslim women know that they can safely go swimming with friends or go to the beach in a modest burkini swimsuit, which gives a feeling of comfort and self-confidence.

Halima Aden is the only model in the world who wears a hijab. But this did not stop her from signing a contract with a leading modeling agency. Her dizzying career once again confirmed that modest restraint is always in fashion.