Fingerless socks: to whom, why?

Oh, lovers of walking in the summer in sandals shod on socks! Rejoice, for socks that have no fingers appeared on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. Or is it rather a reason for joy to those who have (not) the pleasure of daily admiring such fashionistas and fashionistas? Let’s figure out why fingerless socks are needed and what they eat with, or rather, wear.

Why then?

Of course, the original goal of creating such socks was not to save humanity from bad taste and absurdity. No, I’ll say differently: they were invented for salvation, but from bruises and injuries that can be received during yoga classes.

It is impossible to say exactly who invented them, but most likely this person knew what he was doing.

Why it is recommended to do yoga not with bare feet is understandable. It is unclear why to cut off the part covering the fingers from the socks? I explain. The fact is that most practitioners of different styles of this teaching of people periodically have a need to stretch their stiff fingers. It is inconvenient to do this through the fabric, and they got rid of it. In addition, with your bare fingers it is much more convenient to fix the position of the body on the floor when moving from one difficult position to another.

And if you don’t even cut the toenails, the perfect grip is guaranteed.

Where, from what and which?

You can purchase the necessary accessory for classes at any sports store for anyone who wants. According to most experienced practitioners, Adidas socks are the highest quality. Made of polyester or elastane, providing good grip on the floor, these socks boast the following advantages:

  • maintaining shape after frequent washes (which is especially true);
  • do not let the skin (and everyone around) "suffocate";
  • a variety of models, including products with a rubberized sole, inserts from a strong elastic mesh, etc .;
  • durability (it is important, since the price for them is quite high and it’s not possible to buy them very often).

In addition to fingerless models, heelless socks were also invented. Doing yoga in them, you can open not only the chakras, but also the third eye.

But what about fashion?

Of course, fingerless socks and fashion did not go around. Or she did not go around them. The assortment of today's products in the markets and in stores is so large that you can buy anything there. For example, socks without fingers or socks with a section for each finger. Especially needlework personalities knit them for themselves and wear them as the soul so desires - under sandals, under flip flops, slippers or shoes.

The following model looks especially interesting. I wonder what it was intended for.

And here is another, the most common fingerless model.