Fine yarn crochet shawl

More recently, all girls, mothers and grandmothers wore shawls, and even a child’s head was wrapped in a shawl. Very comfortable and warm product. Needlework is once again popular, and perhaps shawls will soon become very popular. Again, the kids will look cute not in simple scarves, but in lace and very warm shawls. As for the warmer season, there are a couple of cool models for him.

Just these will be discussed later. We look at beautiful patterns and begin to follow the clear description of the most luxurious shawls that could only come up with a master.

Choice of yarn for shawl and hook

A shawl from a warm and thin thread looks good, since it is such a thread that can convey all the beauty of the pattern. They do not crochet from mohair, this applies precisely to its thin thread. It will simply be torn, usually as a thin thread for creating a shawl with a crochet, they use pehorka and another similar fiber with a thin thread.

The endless gamut of color shades, which are constantly replenished, is pleasing. The hook itself for such a fiber is not more difficult to pick up the thread. It just needs to fit the yarn.

Often, bona fide manufacturers pay special attention to this, and attach to the composition of the yarn information about which knitting needles or crochet.

Set of first crochet loops

Crochet 1st Chain Set

Beautiful yarn shawl model step by step

Many rows of luxurious and neat shells complement the beautiful fringed edges. This product has an additional decoration in the form of a flower. The shawl itself is pale pink. It is relevant for the spring, it will be comfortable and very pleasant to spend spring evenings on a walk.

To work, you will need:

  • baby pehora yarn;
  • hook on the thickness of the thread.


The dimensions of this product are 1.5 m in width. About 80 cm in length.


First you will need to perform a small sample. These are several rows of rapport according to the pattern of the canvas. Just a couple of shells and you can find out the density of mating. It is more convenient to measure how many rapports contains 10 cm of a ruler in rows and in height. Record measurement data so as not to confuse anything. Next, calculate the approximate number of reports to obtain the required length.

In this scheme, it is also very convenient that the number of rows and, accordingly, with them the length can vary throughout the knitting. An interesting diagram shows that the rows are the sides of the triangle and knitting occurs at the same angle. It turns out that both the length and width of the shawl are regulated at the same time.


The first row is a circle of 6 loops. Close the connecting loop, then three lifting loops, and perform the first row according to the scheme. Then carry out such corners on an increasing basis. In total, the shell rapport consists of 9 rows of the scheme. It fits in one go. And it’s very difficult to convey in words all the beauty that comes with the execution of the model.

Perform the required number of rapport lengths. There will only be an ornament for a beautiful model with shells.


Fringe is very simple. For her, it is necessary to measure the segments 2 times longer than the required length of the fringe. By thickness, they should not be made too heavy, they will stretch the pattern very much, and it will quickly stretch. Here is a good middle ground.

It is important that all parts consist of the same number of threads. A bundle of threads was taken, then it was twisted in half, and a loop was passed through the point of the edge of the shawl. The free ends are combined, and passed them together through the loop obtained. Tightened neatly, and straightened the resulting element. Also acted with other threads.

Important! Observe the distance between adjacent elements and it is better to note in advance tremors for pulling a fringe.


For a flower, you need three crochet leaves, two turns and a flower. Each of these elements is very easy to perform, but if you put them together, you get a good finished composition.

A leaf is made with simple single crochets; unfinished rows form such charming roundness of the leaf.

The flower is also performed in an unusual technique. For him, you will first need to connect a long chain of crocheted columns with smooth waves of the pattern, and then just twist it, and you will get a charming decoration that the masters use to decorate without additional leaves and bindweed.

Beautiful and easiest bindweed, which can be done in just 10 minutes. This is a chain of air loops. And then a row of columns with one double crochet, two in one air loop. The result is a pretty round.

It remains only to sew all the details and make a pin fastener on the wrong side.


Sew a flower to the shawl and the product is ready.

In order for the canvas to be neat and even, you will need to wet it a little, and spread it on a flat surface. Stretch some sides if necessary, and wait until it dries completely.

Crochet square shawl

The chic shawl model is also suitable for a beginner, although the pattern seems so complicated. But one has only to open the scheme of this alluring skill and everything is laid out on the shelves instantly. In fact, this is a bit more complicated than the “grandmother’s square” crochet.

To work, you will need:

  • thin Angora;
  • hook to size yarn.


Take measurements for the desired product. It is better to take a length of 1 meter. So it will be good to cover shoulders and it will be possible to tie.


For the sample in this case, it will be necessary to tie a small square, which will be only one motive or one rapport. According to it, calculate the density of the knitting, and correlate the measurements to the measurements of the product.


Small squares for shawls are executed one above the other. You can perform the entire product in one color, or you can show a little imagination, and create an elegant option. The motif consists of 12 air loops, which are enclosed in a circle. Then, for the second row, you first need to perform a small lift, as usual 3 air loops came in handy for this. Next is a full circle of single crochet posts. It turns out a very dense ring. Another row with rapport is a single crochet and one air loop.

The last third row with corners at 4 points from 9 air loops and a body of columns with one crochet (two in one loop of the previous one). Simple three rows make up the whole motive. It is very fast and easy. So knit the next, and you can immediately cling adjacent motifs to the corresponding points, so as not to stitch further.


Complement this fringe pattern on the edge. To create a fringe, follow the instructions:

  • cut the threads two times longer than necessary;
  • fold several threads in half;
  • Pass the loop of the fold in the right place of the edge;
  • thread all the ends of the threads there and tighten the resulting loop.

So do with each point for a fringe, observing an equal interval.

And so everyone will be able to make a very soft and beautiful shawl.

Tired of scarves, let's try to make beautiful shawls according to the presented models. With her, it will be possible to look very feminine and unusual and create a beautiful image and good mood in cloudy weather.