Find an earring, signs

In itself, such a sweet find, for women portends a pleasant change. Even if it is found at a crossroads or cemetery. But you still don’t need to lift the earring - the signs say that this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. And such a strange dualism of interpretations is connected precisely with the sacred meaning of jewelry.

Not just decoration

Whether it be a ring, bracelet, pendant or earring - they have always been intended not only to emphasize beauty and attract attention to your person. So, the gold in the ear of a pirate, among other things, was also a payment to someone who would bury the body of a filibuster who died in battle. And Cossack earrings told the story of a warrior and described his marital status. But the tasks of jewelry do not end there.

Any object in contact with the owner’s body is able to receive, redirect, accumulate, give back and even repel energy. And the more often the contact occurs, the more intensely the properties of the object are manifested. In this regard, earrings can only be compared with an engagement ring - often a beloved pair of jewelry is not removed even at night. And this means that they are most of all:

  • pulling negative energy from the owner’s biofield;
  • serve as a shield from an evil eye;
  • nourish the power of the host.

Considering the find from such an angle, it can be safely compared with a bowl from which a healthy drink is first drunk, and then it is filled with swamp water. And these jewelry “leave” their owners only when they can no longer bring benefits, since they are completely filled with bad energy. They then pass it to an outsider who accidentally found an earring. And the strength of the unwanted impulse largely depends on the features of jewelry.


This noble metal interacts with the spiritual component of man. If the charge of the jewelry is positive, then it can protect against energy vampirism and protect it from mental disorders. But if you find a lost gold earring, especially a round or closed one, you should not be too happy about it. It is with the help of this metal that the sorcerers and sorceress have long since removed the spiritual negative from man. And this means that wearing the jewelry found can lead to problems such as mental disorders, discord in the family or at work, financial difficulties.


The healing properties of this metal are explained by its relationship with the physical shell. With a positive charge, the earrings are able to protect the wearer from all kinds of diseases, strengthen it and increase endurance. All the energy of ailment and weakness, which jewelry takes away for themselves, they can only dump on the "alien". And this should also deter from the desire to keep the find with you: body diseases often accompany it.

Precious and semiprecious stones

The only relatively safe exception to the general rule “do not lift” is earrings with large stones suitable for the lucky one. In this case, even jewelry overflowing with negativity is unable to instantly attack with a bad charge: due to compatibility, they cannot immediately recognize someone else who has found someone else. But to wear such an earring is still better only after preliminary cleaning in the church, holy water or the flame of a candle.

How to benefit from a find

The girl who found this jewelry, signs promise a speedy marriage. And the one who already knew the joy of marriage is a replenishment in the family. For men, the found earrings portend financial well-being and career growth. But to make it all come true, you just have to find it, you don’t have to lift it.

If the jewelry looks so seductive that leaving it in place seems sacrilege, then after discovering the earring, it should be kept away from the body and it is undesirable to bring it into the house until it is completely rid of any negative. Better yet, immediately sell the product at a pawnshop, and at least part of the proceeds to put up for a good deed. So it will be possible not only to get rid of possible damage or evil eye, but also to strengthen the positive effect.