Feel the difference! USSR and now: comparison of graduate outfits

For each girl, the graduation party is not only a certain stage of maturity, getting a certificate and moving to a new "level", but also an opportunity to prettify oneself and show oneself in all its glory. That is why today proms at school are replete with revealing outfits and luxurious ball gowns. And how was it during the time of our mothers in the USSR? I am sure that the girls also wanted to look luxurious on this special day.

How to dress for graduation in the USSR

Previously, schoolgirls could not dress too brightly and catchy, this was fraught with long-term litigation with parents and school management. To get a strict and adult look, the girls wore classic dresses in pastel shades, just above the knee.

Important! During the USSR, dresses for young women did not differ in the variety of styles and colors, so almost all the girls were dressed the same.

In large cities, it was considered fashionable to sew a dress to order from a professional tailor or on their own, if there was not much money in the family. It was almost impossible to find a finished dress in stores.

My mother told me that girls whose parents could not afford to sew or buy a dress for graduation, came to present a certificate in a school uniform with a white festive apron. It is difficult to imagine what they should get into disgusted form when classmates flaunt in beautiful "adult" dresses.

In the 80s of the last century, the opportunity arose to be more liberated. Dresses with a pretty deep neckline were seen on store shelves. This made adult women experience a real shock. And the young students rushed to buy a novelty for their graduation.

Yesterday's schoolgirls' shoes were chosen in accordance with fashion. Everything was quite simple here, as the shops also did not differ in the variety of models. Shoes were bought with the expectation that the schoolgirl would wear them not only for graduation, but also for further admission to the university, student parties and family holidays.

How to dress for graduation now

Modern graduation balls are full of a variety of chic evening dresses. Most schoolgirls prefer to rely on images of show business stars and look as adults as possible. All supplies of mother’s cosmetics and mother’s shoes are used.

Dresses are distinguished by a variety of styles:

  • short evening (great not only for the graduation party, but in the future it will be useful as a dress for going to the theater, for family holidays and other events);
  • long and magnificent ballroom (as a rule, such dresses do not differ in practicality and are worn once or twice in a lifetime);
  • concise cocktail (a great option, quite practical, since a similar outfit can later be worn for various events).

Important! Some girls try to look very adult and prefer trouser suits and high-heeled shoes. This is a pretty risky image for the prom, but quite attractive.

In addition to styles, modern outfits of graduates differ in colors. In contrast to the light pastel colors of the outfits of the times of the USSR, today clothes on the last school “line” shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. This is attractive, but sometimes there are serious mistakes that spoil the image of a young girl.

As shoes, shoes with a high stilettos are more often selected. So the young "ladies" are trying to look older than their years, and some - add yourself a few centimeters of growth. It is rare to find an image with classic "boats" on a low heel or even sneakers. But this also happens.

Since graduations are held in the summer, and the weather is usually warm, open sandals and light heeled shoes are popular. They perfectly complement the image of the princess in a magnificent ball gown.

To stand out from the crowd of colorful elegant graduates, today you need to especially try. Most likely, the simplest and laconic outfits look more brightly and attractively. Against the backdrop of lush dresses and bright colors, they look most advantageous.

USSR or now: which outfits are better

It is difficult to answer the question clearly and distinctly. For everyone, this is their choice. Just look at the photos of our mothers and grandmothers to understand: the girls looked modest and quite festive. And this is the most important thing for the prom.

Today, graduation moves from the category of a school event to an impromptu fashion show. Moreover, many girls, while not having a sense of proportion and style, are able to pretty much go too far with the image.

I believe that the main thing in a young girl is modesty and decency. If this is expressed in a restrained, but at the same time beautiful and tailored to the occasion dress, then today's fashion of proms is quite good. Bad taste at all times remains a taboo.