Fashionable velvet dresses

Velvet has been incredibly popular lately. He won the hearts of many women. With all this, a velvet dress can be worn not only at special occasions, but also in everyday life. Young girls put on velvet dresses for shopping, although earlier only very wealthy people could afford velvet products, and even then only on holidays. Over time, fashion changes, but velvet remains beautiful, and most importantly, quality material.

Varieties of Velvet Dresses

There are such models:

  • To the floor. A long version of a velvet dress is great for social events - corporate parties, weddings, premieres. Even the simplest velvet outfit in itself looks very dignified;
  • Short velvet dress. A short velvet outfit will be a great option for both a romantic date and every day. With the help of well-chosen accessories, you can create really unique images.

On the shelves of shops you can find many clothes made of velvet, but just which one to choose? Let's understand:

  • Velvet dress with a slit. Dress with a slit always looks very impressive. A suitable option for both an evening look and for everyday wear;
  • Velvet dress with asymmetry. These are two powerful trends that have long remained at the peak of popularity. They will be relevant for a long time, so you can safely purchase clothes with one sleeve or an oblique collar;
  • Tutu skirt and nude back. These two options are able to conquer any male heart. Such an outfit is not so easy to find in the store, but you can make it to order;
  • With lace. Complementing the outfit with lace, you can make the image more tender and romantic. You can decorate with lace in the neckline on the sleeves or at the bottom. Complementing this outfit with a leather jacket or denim jumper, you can safely go to a party with friends or in a cafe.

What velvet dresses are in fashion

Going out for a purchase, think in advance - but under what, can you put it on? This season, velvet plaid outfits are at their peak. We suggest you familiarize yourself with several new products of this season.

Even last season, designers recommended not to overload velvet outfits with heavy elements. This season there are many other “fashion rules". Among the fashionable novelties, one can find outfits when sewing which combines several types of fabric at the same time.

If you are a lover of tight-fitting clothing, then velvet is your choice. On thin girls, such images look just perfect.

Even in the summer, you can pick up a great option. Among the fashionable novelties, pay attention to velvet sundresses. In addition, such an outfit can be worn under a light blouse or turtleneck.

Stylish looks with a velvet dress

If you look at most outfits, you can note one feature - most of them are simple cut, without an excessive number of finishes. It is because of this that clothing has a wider range of applications.

A dress of discreet color may become suitable for office bow. Do not choose too tight options, because the office will definitely be inappropriate. Complement with a light jumper and shoes with a small heel - a convenient office bow is ready.

Reference! Pay attention to tights. Because in a business style, they are an indispensable element.

To complement the look, put on a short black jacket. Leather and velvet blends flawlessly. Complete the look with delicate jewelry and a clutch. The admiring glances of men are guaranteed to you!