Fashionable tortoise and mother of pearl jewelry

Jewelry made of tortoise bone and mother of pearl has long been very popular. Unusual and beautiful things are made from these materials.

A bit of history

The tradition of making jewelry made of tortoise bone and mother of pearl originated in Japan and reached its peak during the Edo period. Interesting things created throughout all centuries. In Europe, fashion reached a special peak during the reign of Louis XIV, when these materials began to decorate home decoration (caskets, frames and furniture). The resulting products were rare and the most expensive.

Attention! Especially refined was the creation of jewelry inlaid with these materials. The most common were images of butterflies and flowers.

What jewelry is made of tortoise bone and mother of pearl?

Hairpins, brooches, buttons, earrings, rings, eyeglass frames, scallops, snuff boxes and other products are made from these materials. Fans were considered to be truly royal gifts in the past. These natural materials are not particularly durable. However, products made from them are carefully stored and passed on from generation to generation. Mother of pearl is used for making jewelry, vases, caskets, saucers, frames for mirrors and photographs.

Important! Golden crests look beautiful, the teeth of which are made of turtle shell.

The combination of mother of pearl with metals and stones

Jewelers use mother-of-pearl in different shades to make jewelry. They are also encrusted with various objects. It blends perfectly with silver and gemstones such as agate, turquoise and malachite. The undeniable advantage of mother of pearl products is their low cost.

Designer Collections

Each year, eminent designers present collections of jewelry made of these materials. In combination with silver, they look spectacular and modern. The shell of light color is more expensive, because in sunlight it shines and seems golden. The multi-colored marble pattern on a yellow background makes the accessories extremely attractive.

Reference! Translated from German, mother of pearl means “mother of pearls, ” since a pearl is born in the bowels of a mother-of-pearl shell.

Mother of pearl products are accessible to many people, but they are able to conquer the most demanding audience. As for the ornaments from the turtle, every year the price of them is growing, since at present the catch of reptiles is strictly controlled. Each product is handmade and is considered a true piece of jewelry.