Fashionable things that are better to give up after 30 years

The age when a person crosses a certain line is the 30th anniversary. No one says that the day after the celebration of the anniversary you wake up with another person. At about 30 years old, an insecure, mocking girl turns into an elegant, interesting young woman.

What is not recommended to wear stylish girls after 30 years?

In order for others to perceive you in the right status, to respect your merits and not doubt your abilities, you need to create a suitable image.

You need to start with a review of the entire wardrobe, you will have to give a lot to your younger sister or even throw it away.

Basic wardrobe of a 30-year-old woman.

Baby hat with pompom

A cute, but at the same time incredibly infantile accessory . This also includes hats of flashy colors, with strange inscriptions, drawings, and flirty ears. On an adult woman, it no longer looks charming, but rather ridiculous and funny.

Down jacket

A voluminous puffer jacket will instantly turn you from a charming beauty into a shapeless snowman. If 5-10 years ago in this outfit you looked fragile and direct, now it is suitable only for playing with children in the open air somewhere outside the city.

For a casual look, it is better to choose a stylish coat . It will also warm you well, and refinement and femininity will significantly increase.

Ugg boots

The fashion for such shoes, fortunately, has long passed. It is all the more strange when a young, energetic and beautiful woman wears an ugg.

For winter walks, pick up graceful boots with low heels (or flat soles), or beautiful insulated boots.

Cheap knitwear

Constantly wrinkles, tears, stretches, has absolutely no form, and manages to emphasize all the imperfections of the figure. In such a blouse, you will always hide your eyes, stoop and feel extremely insecure, which does not at all correspond to the image of a stunning girl.

The right mood will help to create a chiffon blouse of a calm shade and a classic elegant jacket.

Children's mini-dress (skirts, short shorts)

A woman is always a mystery and a secret. Mini lovers do not fit such a description for obvious reasons.

Today, there are a lot of models, styles and formats of skirts for any figure. Make it a rule to choose a midi length and remember that a properly chosen pencil skirt is incredibly sexy.

And the skirt-sun allows you to believe that you are a real Frenchwoman.

Loose sweatshirt

Favorite teenage stretched hoodies will look untidy and may put you in an uncomfortable position. In such a jacket you will look as scruffy as possible.

Even for sports you can pick up something more neat and interesting. For example, a bomber jacket or a branded item in size.

Tights with patterns

For a woman who has long been out of school age, such an accessory is the top of bad taste. It is better to give preference to flesh and black shades. So you emphasize the beauty of your legs and do not spoil the integrity of the image.

Tulle Tutu Skirt

The gentle style of the princess, for whom this part of the wardrobe is intended, can only be suitable for the child. An adult girl will look inappropriate in such an air cloud. You are as if talking about your frivolity.

Better to pick up feminine and romantic bows.

Shapeless pants (trousers)

Things should emphasize your merits, and to complete the style to serve as a kind of "highlight". The ridiculous sweatpants with sagging knees or trendy pants in the 1990s with a bunch of pockets in the most unexpected places will definitely not be able to successfully emphasize something.

Ripped jeans

In pursuit of fashion, you must always adequately assess your appearance from the outside. Jeans with scuffs or holes, like dirty hair, just will not give you charm. In addition, it looks very cheap and unattractive.

Take a closer look at the eternal dark blue classic, which is suitable for any "top". Narrow straight trousers will become even more interesting option, so you visually lengthen your legs and look extremely feminine.

Funny Print T-Shirts

Needless to say, important projects at work are unlikely to be trusted with a girl with Winnie the Pooh on a T-shirt? Inappropriate inscriptions, sports symbols and children's prints must be removed from the closet.

In 30 years, all this looks awkward and unnatural.

Short tops

And it’s not at all a figure. Even if it’s perfect for you, you can’t demonstrate your stomach in a crop top. This is a real failure for a stylish look.

It is better to choose a blouse with a suitable neckline, open shoulders or a beautiful neckline on the back.

Do not forget: the way you saw yourself in the mirror before leaving the house for the whole day will determine your mood. The right things will make you feel much more confident than those that go against the inner sensation.