Fashionable styles of fur coats 2019

In the winter season, a fur coat is an integral attribute of the image of an elegant woman. Such a thing is not only a sign of style and wealth, but also warm outerwear that can warm even in severe frosts. With a wide range of models of fur products, a woman with any taste will pick up a fur coat to her style. What models are now in fashion?

Important! A correctly selected fur coat will look great regardless of age and shape.

What are the styles of fur coats in fashion 2019?

At 2019 fashion shows, many interesting and modern models are presented. But the beloved classic does not lose ground, only acquired new pattern lines and unusual details. In the new season, leading brands offer natural materials and colors . Furs of black color receded into the background, but light tones and brown shades occupy the first positions:

  • walnut;
  • peach;
  • blue gray;
  • leopard
  • beige;
  • white.

Of the models presented by designers in 2019, each representative of the weaker sex will find his own version.


The peculiarity of the cut is that it expands downward from the chest. The sleeves are straight and the shoulders are slightly narrowed. The fur with a long pile will make the owner of such a style heavier and rounder, therefore sheared or plucked fur is used for manufacturing. A-shape fur coat made of such material looks tender and flying . The length of the product can be either shortened to the hip or floor length.

Important! The trapezoid model is suitable for any type of figure at any age.

Classic straight with belt

A direct classic cut does not go out of fashion, only decorative elements are added to it. This coat looks great in combination with a wide leather or suede belt in fur color. It can be a belt with a buckle or a sash belt. The neck of a fur coat is decorated with a turn-down collar, a stand or a hood . The latter option is most popular due to practicality.


A short short fur coat is convenient behind the wheel, not restricting movements. The length reaches the waist or just above the knee, depending on personal preference . Often auto-ladies choose styles with a short sleeve, three quarters, or even without them. A convenient option when driving is a long sleeve trimmed with a knitted cuff. In this case, the silhouette happens:

  • adjacent;
  • free;
  • straight;
  • balloon.


Fashion designers never cease to amaze with their imagination. This season, one of the original models was a fur poncho. This is a wide product that does not constrain movements. The main feature of the style is masked sleeves or their absence . He suits various options for finishing the neck from the top of the neck to the shawl collar. The fur is used with pile of any length.

Important! Poncho is not practical in everyday wear, but it has proven itself for publication.


This unique model will suit both a slim girl and a lady with curvaceous forms. Light and flying silhouette helps hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. A butterfly in the shape of a trapezoid is covered with a fur coat, but the hem is decorated with an openwork pattern of fur with a different direction of the pile . Loose sleeves decorated with the same lines add femininity.

A hood or a wide collar will not only protect against cold weather, but also allow you not to wear a hat and not spoil the hair. If you want to emphasize the waist, use a belt made of fur or leather, which goes well with this model.


Such a style is notable for the special decor of the bottom, which makes it look like a daisy flower. Fur plates have a pile in different directions, forming as if flower petals. The fitted silhouette makes such a fur coat more accurate and flying.

The sleeves are narrowed and decorated with the same petals on the bottom. A fur coat of this style looks great with a turn-down collar, a stand or a small neat hood.


A traditional trapeze, which adds charm to the bottom of the sleeves and the fur coat itself, decorated with scallops, which distinguishes this style from other similar ones. In the fashion of 2019, the use of unusual colors for shorn fur for the manufacture of a model of jellyfish . Convenient and comfortable option for daily use, free cut does not limit movements, but at the same time it is not too bulky. A stand-up collar or hood will protect you from cold wind and snow.


The peculiarity of the cylinder model is that they are narrowed downwards, while the silhouette can be either fitted or straight. Length varies from mid-thigh to knee. The free sleeve looks good at any length. The neckline is made up of a collar with a shawl, a stand or a hood. Fur with a short pile is better suited for a cocoon, otherwise the coat will look too bulky .

Important! In cocoon styles, sometimes a drawstring is made below with a lace that pulls the bottom to the desired width.


The Italian brand was surprised by the original combination of materials. From leather, suede and fabric, sleeves, a collar or pockets are made. Such models cause a lot of controversy, but at the same time are in great demand and attract the attention of the most whimsical fashionistas.


The style, which was named due to the similarity of cut with the famous jacket Coco Chanel. Distinctive features of this type of fur coat:

  • three quarter wide sleeve;
  • straight silhouette;
  • turn-down collar or top-neck;
  • 10 cm above the knee.

Important! The fur coat is considered to be a classic of the Chanel model, but the transverse cut also looks no less elegant.


Elegant style named after Jacqueline Kennedy, knee-length or slightly lower. Often a cross cut and with an original collar. The sleeve is wide and shortened, provides a combination with long gloves, which adds mystery to the fair sex.


Flared fur coat striking simplicity and grace. It has a long sleeve extended downward and a turn-down wide collar, in some cases turning into a hood on the back. The only emphasis where designers reveal personality is the decorative button.

Important! The style of the year is popular, as it looks natural, and modern fashion is moving in this direction.


The cut model resembles a bell flower, hence the name. A fur coat extended from the chest and slightly fitted will fit only a thin figure, as it emphasizes rounded shapes . A common length to the knee or slightly higher will emphasize the slender legs of the owner. The sleeve is straight, and the neck can be processed with various types of collars or hoods.

As an accessory, a wide belt of any materials is used, which creates an attractive drapery of the lower part of the product.

Original unusual styles

Exclusive models of fur coats are found only in famous brands. Designers boldly combine various materials and types of fur, add interesting pattern lines to classic styles. Looks great combination with leather and suede or added details from long-haired to a product from short-cut fur.

Fur coats with sheared fur are original both on the entire product and in sections. Shortened sleeves or their complete absence, which makes it possible to complement the image with long leather gloves, will become the main trend of this winter.