Fashionable skirts-year, trends and photos

The skirt is considered an attribute of retro style, a style that has gone out of fashion. But modern fashion offers various variations and combinations with this model to create a stylish look. What are the features of the skirt of the year, how to choose it correctly and what to wear with this season, you will learn further.

Skirt year - a transitional stage between the classic model of "pencil" and flared. Features of the cut: from above, the fabric lays tightly on the figure, then diverges, turning into large waves. It is a little magnificent: the effect is achieved due to the fact that special wedges are sewn into the lower part of the product.


  1. Splendor. The wedges in the skirt create a volume effect. Magnificence depends on their quantity. They are made of the same fabric as the product itself or of a material differing in certain parameters.
  2. Materials For sewing use a large list of fabrics, the choice of which depends on weather conditions, stylization of the image, personal preferences. Thick materials: denim, jacquard, wool, cashmere. Lighter: chiffon, linen, viscose, cotton. They are used not only for everyday wear: some models are very festive, they are worn at a party, a solemn event.

Who is it for?

The product belongs to the category of universal things. With the right selection of cut, fabric and length, the thing will suit any type of figure. Due to the presence of shuttlecocks, the skirt is able to adjust the figure, make it more proportional. Owners of lush hips should look at this style: the bottom will smooth out the lines, remove the volume.

Slender girls fit options of any length. Girls with forms should take a closer look at longer ones: they will lengthen the silhouette, correct flaws. REFERENCE in combination with high heels, the corrective effect is enhanced.


Classic The skirt is equipped with 6-8 wedges, universal, suitable for an important event, as well as for every day.

With a train . A more solemn option, suitable for a social evening, holiday. For sewing use satin, silk, velvet.

With spiral wedges . More airy and modern model. Fabrics for sewing: silk, chiffon, wool (with a high content of synthetic threads).

Asymmetric . Option for lovers of experiments. Wedges can be either much longer or shorter than the main part.


Denim A universal, practical option that will soon go out of fashion. Used for sewing both long and short models. The second ones are more suitable for young girls, the product looks very cute and youthful. Embroidery, webbing, abrasions, patterns, lace are used as decor.

Knitwear The thickness of the threads varies depending on the time of year. For a cold winter, dense knitwear is suitable, which will warm in cold weather.

For warmer seasons - thin threads. There are translucent openwork options that are complemented by special “covers” so that the product does not look vulgar.

Chiffon . Light and airy material that suits romantic looks. Long skirts are used as an option for evening dress.

Staple fiber. For sewing use material with drawings, they fit perfectly into the summer or spring images.

Skin . Option for the brave. The product looks very stylish and modern. For sewing, soft leathers are used, since it is necessary to ensure that the shuttlecock flows. With hard skin, this will not work. Sometimes a shuttlecock is sewn separately using soft fabrics.

Combinations of materials. Very often, the fabric of the main product and the shuttlecock differ. Also, it may present a weak multi-layer structure, or be pleated.


As with the skirts of other styles, the year has three length options: mini, midi and maxi. Long skirts are used for festive dresses, special occasions. But also for everyday wear, when choosing the right design. Short models are considered an office option: they are simple, minimalistic, made of discreet materials. Products of medium length are considered classic. They do not constrain movements, suitable for everyday wear.

Stylish looks

  1. The central detail of the outfit is a black leather skirt-year, and the shuttlecock was sewn separately. Length is below the knee. Contrast top: a loose white cardigan with a pattern of large black peas. Accessories are not numerous: a thin belt at the waist, black boats, a modest necklace.
  2. A gentle and romantic look. The long skirt is a year of peach color, minimalistic, without unnecessary details. Top - translucent T-shirt with an extended sleeve. Accessories are practically absent: a small white bracelet, peach boats with high heels.
  3. A seasoned image with strict lines. A beige skirt just below the knee, a white jacket with a high neck, long oversized sleeves, black high-heeled boots and a small silver clutch. The materials have a perfectly even texture, which gives the image of rigor and aesthetics.