Fashionable shoulder bracelets

The highlight of the summer image of each fashionista will be a bracelet on his shoulder. A fashion accessory becomes popular for creating a bright individual image.

Where did the bracelets come from?

In ancient times, only men wore them: Greeks, Romans, Indonesians, Indians, etc. Over time, these original jewelry began to spread around the world. If earlier they emphasized the courage of the stronger sex, then women began to wear them for beauty.

Greek style bracelet.

Reference! In Indonesia, to this day on the islands of Bali, Java, as well as in Sudan and Sri Lanka, bracelets on the shoulders are an indispensable attribute of national male and female costumes.

In India, women still adorn themselves with a variety of jewelry : in the ears, nose, eyebrows, on the arms, legs, stomach and neck.

Indian jewelry.

An abundance of jewelry speaks of the status and wealth of their mistress. Everything must ring, surrounding the woman with melodic sounds.

Fashion for bracelets, worn on the shoulder, came to Europe at the beginning of the XIX century, and only for women . Such jewelry is used at social events, wedding ceremonies. Designers create masterpieces with spectacular stones. Copyright works are valued expensive, bracelets are made of gold, silver, but there are copper and platinum products.

Important! Be sure to focus on the status of the celebration and the selected outfit in order to maintain a single style.

Types of Bracelets

These jewelry can be found in almost every culture, but their meaning is different. If in one country it is a symbol of wealth and nobility of the family, in another it is a stigma of poverty.

They wear a bracelet on the upper part of the shoulder, so the dress (blouse or t-shirt) should not have sleeves. This creative decoration will allow urban fashionistas to be in the spotlight.

The most popular models:

In greek style

Each model is thought through to the smallest detail. Bracelets can be delicate and thin or, conversely, massive and voluminous. A variety of chains, geometric figures, patterns in the ancient Greek style are used as decor . Sometimes Roman numerals or letters, curly original perforation.

This style is ideal for wedding ceremonies or romantic looks . Femininity and beauty of hands will be emphasized by patterns of fashionable decoration.

Larger models are more visible, so they are more suitable for everyday wear or casual images.

Made of precious metals

If you want to make a unique accent in a formal dress, it is better to choose the author's version of the bracelet. Designers often make jewelry made of silver, covering with gilding, effectively weaving precious stones into intricate patterns.

It is impractical to create such jewelry from gold, because bracelets should slightly press down the hand to hold well on the shoulder. And gold is a soft metal, so it can quickly deform and lose its appearance.

Therefore , silver jewelry with stones, beautiful curls and other details is more often used. They maintain their shape more reliably, keep excellent on the shoulder. Each fashionista will look stylish and unusual.


This accessory is especially suitable for the style of boho, where many different ornaments are welcomed. For special occasions, it is better to choose 1-3 jewelry, for example, earrings, a bracelet on the shoulder and a large ring.

All accessories must necessarily complement each other and be made in the same style.

Snake bracelet

The most popular design for bracelets. He came to us from the ancient world. Similar bracelets were found in the tombs of Egypt, where in mythology the snake is a symbol of wisdom and beauty.

Advice! Stylists recommend wearing these jewelry with clothes in grunge style, as well as with beach dresses (sundresses, shorts, etc.).

Mehendi - an alternative to a bracelet

To always look attractive and creative, many girls began to choose an alternative to shoulder bracelets - mehendi (colored or monochrome painting with henna) .

The master can offer a graceful strip or fill the surface of the hand above the elbow with an ornament, flowers or curls. Many people prefer a tattoo: once spent time and forgot ... For those who lead an active lifestyle and want to stand out - this is the best option. You just need to remember that a tattoo is for life. Removing such a "body painting" is very painful and can lead to ugly scars.

And mehendi drawings last up to a month - if you like them, you can always update them .

Who is it for?

The bracelet is a bright extravagant decoration, so the hands should be perfect: fit and with an even tan. Age is not a hindrance, the main thing is a beautiful combination with clothes.

Important! The larger your hand, the more massive you should choose a jewelry.

Stylists recommend wearing these jewelry not only with elegant cocktail (evening) or wedding dresses, but also with light sundresses or beachwear (swimsuit, tunic, bando, pareo, etc. ).

How to choose a bracelet on the shoulder?

If the gold bracelet is wide, has a rigid structure, it will hold well on the hand.

Advice! The bracelet should not squeeze the shoulder much, it will cause discomfort.

For a wedding, it is better to give preference to more delicate, graceful decorations, it is possible with stones (pearls or Swarovski crystals), rhinestones.

For everyday wear, you can choose models from different materials: leather, plastic, beads or wood.

The main theme is the snake and nature (plant motifs). Designers use ornaments, geometric figures, ethnic motifs. Precious stones are often used; these are turquoise, delicate corals and pearls .

Greek style has become a classic among bracelets . During fashion shows, these stylish jewelry increasingly appear on models, and then on fashionistas.