Fashionable men's loafers 2019

Moccasins, originally considered solely shoes of the native population of America, have long lost their ethnic style and today are one of the most popular options for shoes for everyday wear both for men and women. A couple of seasons ago, moccasins skyrocketed to the peak in the men's fashion industry, and today it is difficult to find a man who would not have such shoes in his wardrobe. Read on to find out what men's loafers will wear in 2019.

Men's loafers 2019: fashion trends

This year's fashion for moccasins in general outlines the main directions of past seasons. Classics, natural shades and minimal heel size are still popular. Rhinestones and spikes also remain in fashion and are appropriate even at business meetings and celebrations. It is worth paying attention to the innovation of this season - a combination of bright colors, flashy and neon shades and the return of an ethnic theme, which is clearly expressed in the features of the decor .


Classic moccasins - this is the maximum use of natural materials or close to them . Suede and soft leather are still relevant. Fashionistas can without fear give preference to more radical options for this shoe, for example, a glossy finish or hard, dense skin.

Shades and prints

In the working space, it will be appropriate to give preference to calm and as natural colors as possible - all shades of brown and muted orange. Any shades, even non-standard, but in a less bright version of themselves, will look relevant. It can be:

  • light green or dark green;
  • blue;
  • the black;
  • Dark red;
  • light pink.

Important! Vibrant options such as bright red are still in fashion, especially when combined with spikes and rhinestones.

A distinctive feature of this season is the use of “acidic” colors uncharacteristic for moccasins - neon green, orange, yellow . Such options require a minimum of decor and minimalism in the design - a simple form without embroidery and decorative elements will look simple and stylish.


As in previous fashion seasons, elements uncharacteristic for a man’s suit are still on the stage. This is the abundance of rhinestones, sequins, and the “nose” of the boot tightly seated with spikes.

For lovers of a more relaxed decor, there is also good news. Ethnic style is back in fashion, so fringe, simple embroidery, rough beads of natural colors will decorate loafers well. Fringes and tassels from the same material from which the shoes are made - for example, from suede - will decorate shoes well and will be a great addition even to a work suit.

Heel outsole

Classic moccasins are thin-soled shoes with minimal heels. The biggest heel height that you can afford in these shoes is 3.5 cm, no more . This trend does not change this season, for this reason it is worth abandoning the use of moccasins as shoes for walking along unpaved streets and forest paths. Moccasins without pronounced heels that simply “merge” with the rest of the sole look more relaxed and relevant today.

Moccasins are an indispensable option for men who prefer casual style, but will be a great addition to a business suit, and even to shorts. With moccasins, any look will look stylish, unusual and more relaxed. Due to the variety of colors and possible decor this season, you can calmly surrender to freedom of imagination and boldly prove yourself in the choice of shoes - any option will be appropriate and fashionable.